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June 19, 2013

The new DropTask is here!

by Darren Rees posted in DropTask Features, DropTask News.

DropTask | The new DropTask is here!
We are happy to announce that the new and improved DropTask is now live! We’ve worked hard to make DropTask much more powerful whilst keeping the simplicity that users have come to know and love. Here’s a quick run down of what’s new! Redesigned interface We’ve changed the design of the DropTask interface to make it both faster and more intuitive to use, whilst still being familiar to existing users. interface Task status, priority and effort Take control of your project by setting status, priority and effort for each of your tasks. Status is displayed as a large icon behind the task title, priority is shown in a ‘sticker’ on top of the task and effort changes the size of the task itself. It’s never been easier to get a clear picture of your project with a single glance! feature_1 Sub tasks Break your tasks down into smaller chunks using our new sub tasks feature. Sub tasks are shown as task segments which light up when you complete them, clearly showing progress. subtasks Priority list view Switch to the new list view to see your tasks organized by priority. As well as dragging and dropping between priorities, you can also order tasks within them. Great for defining task dependencies or order of execution. feature_3 Improved activity view We’ve moved the project activity feed to its own page and given it a design overhaul, making it far clearer and easier to use. You can now also choose to show only certain types of activity (Comments, Attachments, Completed Tasks). feature_7 All tasks views Our new all tasks views – by priority and by due date – group all your tasks together in a simple list view. You can also filter on assignee to view only tasks assigned to you, or to a colleague. all_tasks That’s it, for now, but this is just the beginning – we have lots more exciting updates to DropTask planned!  As ever we would love to hear your feedback, so please drop us an email at contact@droptask.com with any comments!

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