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Smarter layouts – making space for greater productivity

We’d like to introduce an exciting new update to the way you get things done using DropTask. We’re making it a whole lot easier for you to bring order, prioritize and work through your daily tasks.

You may have noticed a refreshed layout in your DropTask Calendar, Completed Tasks, Urgency Lists, and Workflow views. New, block-shaped tasks stack neatly for a more intuitive use of space. We know that the best way to stay productive is to never lose sight of your goals. The shape of the tasks in these views gives you greater visibility of what you need to get done, boosting your productivity and motivation as a result. This condensed overview of your workload can be easily arranged in an order that makes the most sense to you.

Enjoy a smarter Workflow View

Block-tasks in Workflow view

In Workflow View, our new look lets you work on projects and processes in a logical, linear order. When you switch from Canvas View to Workflow View, your circular tasks will transform into rectangular blocks, bringing their categories with them. If you’re a fan of the Kanban productivity method, you can build your tasks under customized boards in a compact list format. Then, drag and drop them along your ‘To Do’, ‘Doing’, ‘Done’ boards as they sail through your set process or timeline.

Adapt to shifts in priorities

Block-shaped tasks in updated Urgency Lists view

You’ll also find that block-shaped tasks save you a lot of space in Urgency Lists View – formerly known as List View. When you can see more of your tasks, setting urgency levels becomes a much smoother experience. For a project to succeed, you need to be ready to adapt to sudden shifts in priorities. Urgency List Views’ new layout is here for exactly that. When changes to your schedule happen, it is quick and painless to adjust your focus to those tasks that just became more urgent. The All Tasks Urgency Lists View allows you to see how any priority changes affect the rest of your current projects. To keep productivity levels high, it’s important to focus only on what requires your attention right now. We’re helping you to sharpen this focus by giving you three levels of task urgency across all views – normal, high and very high. On tasks that were previously set as low urgency, you’ll now see a low urgency tag instead.

See more in your Calendar

Calendar view with new block-shaped tasks

DropTask’s Calendar has also been refreshed with a new, smarter layout. Here, block-shaped tasks represent what needs to be done today, tomorrow or sometime in the future across all of your projects. Shared Calendars are now less overwhelming. You can now enjoy a condensed overview of your team’s responsibilities and schedules, helping you plan better than ever before. Keep on top of deadlines and avoid nasty surprises with greater visibility across all calendars in DropTask.

Quick ticks for quick wins

Wherever you see these new-look tasks, you have the option to instantly mark them as complete with a brand new tick button. With just one click, you will fly through those ‘quick-win’ tasks faster than ever before. Watch them fade away beautifully as you strike them off and send them to your Completed Tasks View. Switch back to your Canvas to see the positive impact your progress has had on your project’s bigger picture.

Our latest update has been designed to save you space and time when using DropTask. We want to give you the option to work in a way that best suits you. Let us know how you are enjoying our new-look tasks and the benefits that you’re getting from a smarter layout. Stay tuned for more productivity power-ups from new DropTask features, coming soon.

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A look into the future, from DropTask CEO Laurie Carey

Coming to DropTask in 2015
Our mission is to provide our customers with a way to manage their lives – both personal and professional, with a task management tool that not only has a profound and meaningful impact upon productivity and collaboration, but is also easy and enjoyable to use.  We can’t underestimate the impact behind giving your team a tool they actually look forward to using each morning, and over the past year DropTask has helped thousands of users visualize their days, weeks, months and even year as they’ve leveraged the best visual task management tool on the internet.  Helping customers to bring ideas, plans and visions to reality is truly what we’re setting out to do.

We released DropTask PRO in March of 2014, and it’s exciting to see how far we have come in just one year. Our team is energized by the customer response that we’ve received on a global scale, and there’s nothing more exciting than when we see our customers post comments like “In the two weeks since we started using DropTask, it is already making a difference at our 120 person design firm” – Carl Davis, Chrome Web Store Review.  Words can’t express the gratitude we have for the legion of DropTask fans who vocalize the significant improvements they see in their productivity each and every day. Your support means everything.

Our goal remains to provide simplicity for the everyday user through our freemium product, while at that same time enhance our PRO version to give customers the ability to utilize more advanced functionality.  Connecting DropTask with some of your other favorite tools – as well as making it accessible across a multitude of devices, is important to us. This will become more transparent as we look at what’s coming up in our roadmap.

As we gathered as a team to understand our priorities and to discuss the evolution of DropTask earlier this year, we wanted to bring about better engagement with you, our customers.  Many SAAS companies create features and functionality within their products based on assumptions. That’s not our style. The most important goal of our team is to create a product that our customers absolutely “love” and enjoy using each and every day.  The feedback we’ve received from our customers demonstrates that we have accomplished that goal.  Now, we’re ready to take things to the next level.

DropTask Yammer Community

In today’s society, microblogging is a common way to engage with people across the globe and Facebook is a great example of understanding what people like and how they share their interests. As we looked to find the right microblogging tool to engage with our customers, we chose Yammer.

Microsoft Yammer allows us to leverage microblogging within our teams and with customers who are current and new.  So we’re excited to announce that we have created a DropTask Community where you – our valued customers, are invited to share feedback, suggestions and general thoughts directly with members of our team.  Creating a better connection to what you want from DropTask will result in a product that brings amazing value in managing peoples tasks and lives – and we’re here to make a difference.

Click here to join our Yammer Community

Over the past year DropTask has provided a fun visual interface to outline your goals and to execute on your dreams – helping teams deliver exciting new products, plan amazing learning programs, and collaborate both internally and externally across organizations to deliver significant results. Customers are leveraging DropTask to provide insight into what’s happening; when does a task need to be completed, what is its priority and who is responsible? Meanwhile, the team here have been busy providing rich enhancements to the product that continue to provide value to our customers.

Over the coming months we will be introducing DropTask on Mac and Windows desktop – rounding out our device platforms and providing you with the ability to run DropTask in an offline mode. This means you’ll get the ability to manage projects and tasks from your desktop, mobile device, tablet and even through your favorite browser. We’ll soon be inviting members of DropTask PRO to an early access beta, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like more information.


When you’re creating a product that deals with managing someone’s productivity you have to take into consideration that tasks evolve in many places.  They come about through conversations with others, when you’re alone and imagining your next big idea, and through interactions with other software products. We know you need to be able to track a task no matter where you are or what you’re doing.  This is why our team is hard at work bringing many new exciting integrations your way.

Outlook Integration

DropTask for Outlook gives you the opportunity to turn actionable emails into tasks within DropTask, so you can work seamlessly between managing incoming responsibilities and taking action to get things done. Click here for a complete guide on how to get started.

Evernote Integration

Our two-way Evernote integration feature allows you to synchronize notes between an Evernote notebook and a DropTask Project, or synchronize your tasks between a DropTask project and an Evernote notebook.  This feature is currently available in beta, and is open to all DropTask PRO customers as part of our exclusive tester program. If you’d like more information, you can speak to one of our PRO specialists by emailing us at contact@droptask.com.

But wait, there’s more! Later this year we also plan to integrate with Microsoft OneNote, in addition to making DropTask available on the wearable device platform. Look out for a future blog post where I look forward to covering this in further detail.  But for now, here’s a peek at what feature enhancements are around the corner…

Brand new visuals for task filtering

Advanced searching functionality

Project Archiving

Project Archiving

I look forward to hearing what you think about our 2015 roadmap – please leave your comments below and I’ll be sure to get back to you.

Best wishes,

Laurie Carey
DropTask CEO