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The Science of Productivity, and how you can use it

Staying productive is something that everybody strives for. Efficiency comes in ebbs and flows – some days we achieve a lot, others not so much. Like everything else in the world, there is a science to productivity. While general advice tends to be specific to each person, the facts don’t lie. Putting these scientifically-proven tips to use is guaranteed to give your productivity a boost. So, here are four ways you can use the science of productivity to boost your working abilities.

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Get started

I know what you’re thinking – “well, duh”, but studies have shown that being able to get started on a new task is actually one of the biggest hurdles to productivity. We often put off starting a project because our brain fixates on the hardest parts. Rather than seeing the work as a series of manageable chunks, we hone in on the most challenging parts and allow them to overwhelm us.

There are two key ways to combat this: one is to break work down into smaller, actionable tasks and the other way is to hold yourself accountable. Enter DropTask. In our digital age, a handwritten to-do list just isn’t going to cut it. DropTask allows you to breakdown your work in the way that suits you; create your project, input the tasks that make up the project and use checklists to break each task into stages. Working in this way will make getting started a million times easier. A psychologically backed theory, known as the Zeigarnik Effect, means we’re more likely to finish something once we’ve started it. This works even for the tasks which seem too hard to ever complete – making a start might just be the push you need to see it through to the end. To add an extra layer of accountability to the work you’ve begun, ensure you add Due Dates for tasks. You can also set reminders via DropTask, so you’re never taken by surprise by upcoming deadlines.

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Do what matters

You’ve probably heard the saying “first things first” – but, have you ever thought about what that actually means? While most of us come into work with a vague idea of what we’ll be working on, very few actually have their entire day planned out. Being productive isn’t about getting all your tasks done, it’s about completing the tasks which will help you reach your end goals. An illusion of busyness can often fool us into thinking we’re getting more done than we actually are. The reality is having a lot to do, isn’t the same as doing a lot.

In the office, it’s easy to fall into the trap of working in a reactionary manner. If someone mentions a job to you, you’ll start working on that just because it’s fresh in your mind, not because it’s actually your most pressing task. Sticking to your priorities will make your work timely and efficient, helping you stay on top of deadlines – regardless of what work lands on your desk in the meantime.

With DropTask, prioritization couldn’t be simpler. Use your DropTask Planner to filter your tasks onto Now, Next and Soon boards. When deadlines get bumped up or new tasks crop up, it’s easy to rejig your working priorities. A daily summary email from DropTask will also show you your day mapped out, so you can spend less time planning and more time doing.

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Build positive habits

Contrary to popular belief, consistently staying on task has little to do with willpower, and a lot to do with routine. Psychologists have suggested that willpower acts much like a muscle; the more we use it, the more it gets worn out. The upshot of this is, willpower alone isn’t enough to keep you productive. Instead, the most successful people create good working habits which help them to stay on task.

So, how do you start building a good work routine and stick to it? DropTask naturally lends itself to creating an easy to follow schedule. Having a central working hub where all your projects, tasks, and deadlines are stored will take the stress out of staying on top of your work. Add each new task into DropTask, set due dates, Urgency and Importance attributes to start practicing positive working habits in and out of the office. Using DropTask to structure your working day makes actually sticking to the tasks you have lined up far easier. Before you know it, DropTask will get you in the flow and you’ll never fall behind on upcoming tasks again.

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Focus your energy

Having focus can be more challenging than it sounds. When you have lots of tasks to complete, it’s often tempting to flit between them, as it wrongly gives the impression you’re achieving more overall. In actual fact, multitasking is the enemy of focused work. Providing your full attention to the one task you’re working on is essential to achieving the best results.

Being able to say no when you have too much on is crucial. When your team uses DropTask, task ownership is instantly clear. Forget misunderstandings – the avatars displayed for each task visually communicate who the task belongs to, and filters will show how many tasks they’ve been assigned. Discussions allow for quick enquiries into tasks and projects. Using the @ tag will alert your colleagues when you’ve mentioned them, keeping everyone in the loop. With fewer emails and demands, you’ll be able to focus on the work in front of you.

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DropTask’s visual nature: the key to motivation and efficiency for Brian Vroomen

Brian Vroomen’s career switch to ‘Controller’ at a local automobile dealership in Canada was the starting point of his relationship with DropTask. From managing company accounts to creating business manuals; DropTask has been instrumental in keeping Brian motivated while staying on top of tasks and meeting important project deadlines.Brian Vroomen - Controller

“I am always looking for tools that I can use to make me more productive both at work and in my personal endeavours. After many months of researching different programs and waiting for the right one, I was introduced to DropTask through iMindMap. In the past, I had looked at other tools such as Gantt programs and email task managers, but they were not motivating for me at all – the visual nature of DropTask really caught my attention.

“DropTask helps me to get my work done effectively and efficiently, with a very low error rate.”

In my position as Controller – amongst other activities – I am responsible for the company’s accounting and bookkeeping undertakings; from keying in payables and payroll, to all month end/year end journal entries. DropTask helps me to get all of my work done effectively and efficiently, with a very low error rate.

I start each day by opening DropTask and checking for any tasks which might be overdue and I reschedule them. Then, I focus on today’s tasks. With just a glance, I’m able to see what I need to do (or at least what I’d like to do today), and I make sure that any tasks flagged as important are actioned first. The ability to attach documents to tasks is extremely useful; I simply attach a file, it gets uploaded, and I have the additional details available to me anywhere, anytime. I wouldn’t be as organized without DropTask keeping my tasks visually in front of me. I absolutely love watching the items get checked off as I complete them and seeing the recurring task slide in – I never get tired of that, it motivates me to get more tasks completed.

“I thank DropTask for keeping me motivated through the many late nights needed to meet my deadline.”

In my first year, I was tasked with creating the company’s first Policy Manual, along with setting up a new Health and Safety Committee. I tried using a Gantt program but because I was new at the job and wasn’t aware of what interruptions I may experience, I had to keep changing task dates and durations which soon made the whole Gantt process very tedious and frustrating.Using DropTask for staying organized at work

Instead I turned to DropTask and it was quick and easy to set up groups and tasks for both the Policy Manual and the H&S Committee. I was able to mark each task with different attributes and by creating a visual link between tasks, I could instantly see what had to be done next. As things changed I would still have to adjust task dates – but it was effortless due to the flexibility of DropTask, in comparison to the Gantt program. I thank DropTask for keeping me motivated through the many late nights needed to meet my deadline. The program was integral to keeping the project tasks defined and the project on time.

“…it just makes sense to use a tool that can make you do more in the same time, or less!”

The visual nature of the app really appeals to my brain, it’s key to my motivation and it makes me very efficient – and I’m all about efficiency. There are other programs which are somewhat visual in nature, but nothing that compares to DropTask. Having the app available over the internet is a real bonus as it gives me the flexibility to access DropTask from any computer – or even my phone, which is very convenient.

I highly recommend DropTask to anyone, even if you’re not in a team environment and just want to manage your own duties. With more and more work being piled on workers these days it just makes sense to use a tool that can make you do more in the same time, or less!”

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