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Our brand NEW integration with Outlook now available in public Beta!

headerDropTask for Outlook!

We’re excited to announce that our latest integration feature with Microsoft Outlook, which makes managing your email inbox even easier, is now available in public beta!

We’ve all been there, we receive an email that needs to be actioned, but before we know it a whole stream of new emails come flooding in and we lose sight of those to-dos from earlier emails as they get pushed down our inbox. Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a way for us to manage our emails in an easy and productive way?

Well now there is, with our brand new DropTask for Outlook integration feature, which has already undergone early beta testing by some of our PRO users. DropTask PRO user Lori Junkins, gave us her thoughts on the beta, “This new integration gives me the functionality I need to be able to handle everything at once, saving me time and making it even easier to manage my tasks. I love it!”


Manage your inbox with DropTask

When you have DropTask for Outlook installed you can ensure that no more of your to-dos get lost or forgotten about in your ever-increasing inbox, instead send them straight to DropTask where they will transform into tasks and wait for you to put them to action. Sounds simple, right? But how exactly does it work? Well DropTask does all the hard work for you, so when you transform an email from Outlook, the email subject will automatically become the task title and the body of the email will become the task description, but that’s not all…

Multiple Task Creation50 emails

It’s always the way, everything comes at once; which can make managing your emails a bit of a balancing act. With the ability to select and transform up to 50 emails at once, you really can save time and manage your mail when you integrate your Outlook account with DropTask.

categoriseCategorize your Emails

So you’ve been sent an email that requires action, the next thing to do is decide where it belongs. You can choose to send it to an existing project or if it’s the start of something new, you can even create a new project to send it too – all from within Outlook. Get even more organized with your emails by sending them straight into a new or existing group, all without leaving your mailbox!

Set Task Attributesattributes

Some emails require more attention than others, that’s why it’s important to recognise this so that we can correctly organize our workload and put our time where it is needed most. With DropTask for Outlook you can select the attributes for your email as you create the task. You can set the urgency, importance, effort and due date and then when you send the task to DropTask the visual indicators for these attributes will automatically update on the task.

attachmentsSend File Attachments

If you’re using DropTask PRO, ensure nothing gets left behind in your inbox by sending your email attachments straight to DropTask. Having everything in one place makes way for a more productive workspace, where all you have to do is go to that task and everything related to it will be sat waiting for you.

Ensure that you stay on top of your mailbox and your workload by seamlessly integrating DropTask and Outlook. For more information on how to get started, take a look at our support article which will help guide you through the installation process.

With the DropTask for Outlook feature currently available in public beta, we would like to hear your feedback. Let us know your thoughts below. 

How do you organize your email?

Ever had an email land in your inbox that you didn’t want to forget to act on?  We all have, right?

To get organized some of us create an abundance of folders and place our items in there. But it doesn’t take long until an email you once thought you were categorizing for later falls victim to ‘out of sight, out of mind’ and never gets a second look. Maybe you leverage the categories in Outlook instead, but still find that the massive amounts of incoming emails eventually become unbearable. In frustration, you resort to yet another list and store it in OneNote, Evernote, or even on a whiteboard in your office… Sound familiar? I know I can certainly relate to all of the above.  Not any more though. Now, I use DropTask.Droptask

DropTask is a fun visual task management solution that allows me to not only organize my own personal and professional tasks, but also helps me to engage with teams across both my work and personal commitments that sometimes involve colleagues, friends and family.

Now as DropTask CEO, it’s quite possible that I may be biased, but I truly do love using DropTask because it’s so much fun and incredibly simple to use.  I use the full fidelity of the product on the website at DropTask.com, in addition to the mobile app on my phone which is useful for when I’m travelling or on the move. Think Productivity – the company behind DropTask, is an exciting place to work and the team that designs the features are bringing some exciting new capabilities your way over the coming months. Starting next week, they will present you with the golden opportunity to get your inbox organized once and for all by allowing you to send actionable emails straight from your Outlook inbox into DropTask, to manage it all for you.  Once in DropTask, you’ll have the opportunity to collaborate and assign responsibilities to others to help you get the work done. All you have to do is simply drag and drop their photo on top of the cool task circle that will have formed from your email and ta-da! You’re done.DropTask Task assignment

Just by dragging the photo on top of the task you’ll have automatically sent an email to get some help – with all the details necessary for them to act included in the email.  You can set a deadline for when you need the task completed too, as well as setting various indicators to show how important or time sensitive it is.

But wait, did you just become the perpetrator for overloading somebody else’s inbox!?

Well, everyone has their own way of managing their time – and email is still a big part of that.  Don’t worry though, the recipient can use DropTask as well.  You can both work on projects together right inside a fun and productive workspace that’s sure to grab your team’s attention and inspire them to get more done.

So stop wasting time trying to manage the relentless flood of incoming emails, and have fun getting work done instead.  DropTask is the number one visual task management solution on the web, and to get started for free all you have to do is go to www.droptask.com. There’s also a great collection of support articles to get you up and running here, and our quick-response support team are always on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Remember, you may not be able to control the volume of email you receive each and every day, but injecting a bit of fun and efficiency into how you manage it can make all the difference. Got your own story to share? Leave it in the comments below and I’ll be sure to get back to you.

All the best,

Laurie Carey
DropTask CEO