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DropTask Android app – new updates available now!

At DropTask, we’re passionate about giving you the right tools to plan, manage and achieve your project goals. And, with more and more people working remotely, we thought it was only right to give our Android app a little TLC, to ensure you can be productive whenever and wherever you are. So, without further ado, here’s what’s new!

To deliver a smooth and seamless experience, our Android app has undergone a huge update and features a cleaner design, easier navigation and updated functionality.


You’ll see that tasks within the Workflow, Completed Tasks and Calendar View now have a new look, with visuals that you’ll be familiar with from our web and desktop apps. This new and optimized design allows tasks to ‘stack’ for more intuitive use of space.

Located in the main menu, you’ll also find the Project Browser, which is great if you’re a manager and are looking for that high level overview of how many tasks are in progress, on hold, or completed, as well as the distribution of workload within the team.

With visual indicators displayed on each project, you’ll be able to determine its health at a single glance. Plus, to make life infinitely easier, you can search and filter by name, last opened or even last updated.

To see the app in action, check out our 30 second video.

Download our new Android app today and let us know your thoughts in the comments below. With more updates in the pipeline, your DropTask experience will remain in sync, whatever your device.
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DropTask on Android: Beta Now Open!


We’re on a quest to make DropTask accessible to you at all times, and this is why we can’t wait to officially release our Android app which is currently being Beta tested by some of our PRO users.

For complete optimization, the new app has been redesigned from the ground up to suit all of your touch screen Android devices – and it even supports offline access to all of your projects as well as native push notifications for instant updates.

So while the app gets polished ready for its wider release, we thought we’d give you a sneak peek to see what everyone’s talking about…

Comfortable with the browser based DropTask, I was looking forward to the Android application…DropTask didn’t let me down and pulled through with an amazing application that was well worth the wait.
Brendan Gardner, Android Beta Tester 




Unless you’re already using our fantastic iPhone app, you’ll notice that we’re introducing a fresh new interface to make the app as intuitive and user friendly as possible. This means that navigating your way in and around the app will be a breeze.

To the right, is the new Home screen you’ll see each time you log in. From here, you’ll be able to access your ‘All Tasks’ categories as well as every project you’ve created. A smooth swipe to the left will also allow you to delete a project in-case you’re looking for a quick way to remove some unnecessary items.

Screenshot_2014-09-04-15-02-18 (1)







Each time you select a project, you’ll be presented with the screen to the left. You’ll notice here that each group is colour co-ordinated so you’ll be able to easily make that visual connection as soon as you step into the Visual View.








It’s been said in the past that DropTask is truly at its best on a touch device – and we think you may agree.

There’s nothing quite as intuitive as dragging and dropping task circles from group to group to really highlight how instinctive it is to categorize ‘to dos’ within their spacial surroundings.




Having DropTask on my phone really increased my productivity when I was away from my desk. It also proved to be a great communication method for various functions and projects…The ability to do this while ‘in the field’ and away from my desk was both awesome and powerful.
– Stuart Long, Android Beta Tester

What are your thoughts on the upcoming release? Share your comments below and join the discussion!