Offline capability with upcoming iOS apps!


Whether you’re working alone, managing a team, or simply using DropTask as a visual to-do list – you’ll be able to access your projects, tasks and groups from anywhere.

DropTask users will now be able to manage their schedules both online and offline with the upcoming release of our iOS apps! 

What about staying in sync, you ask? 

Well the nifty DropTask developers have worked their magic to make sure that when you do connect back up to the internet, your sync is seamless.

With any of the offline changes you make to your DropTask projects instantaneously being updated when you access DropTask online, it really does provide the freedom and flexibility that’s needed to manage your daily schedule with ease.

But that’s not all…

As the launch date for the DropTask iPhone and iPad apps rapidly approaches, we also thought we’d give you a sneak insight into some of the cool features included in these versions…

A Heightened User Experience

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With native gesture support, the much loved DropTask visuals will really be enhanced with the ability to pan, drag and zoom in and out of your projects. Navigation around your canvas and grouping tasks together will be a very fluid process, and will really highlight how suited the app is to a touch device.

The Visual View, The List View & The Activity Viewupload (5)

DropTask will remain as beautiful as ever, regardless of which iOS device you use it on.

You’ll notice the team have adapted the best qualities for each device to enhance your usability experience as much as possible. So, for example, you may notice that there’s more of a focus on the List View when using the iPhone app, yet the Visual View is still as stunning as ever if that’s your preference.


Setting Task Attributes

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Setting task status, priority and effort will be as simple as always, and you’ll still benefit from powerful task indicators which help you focus your attention on the areas that need it most.

Inviting Others To Your projectsupload (4)

Inviting people to share projects and tasks with has never been easier! You’ll still be able to enter in email addresses and hit send to collaborate with as many people as you like, and features such as request update will still be available.

For more information on our upcoming app launch, please visit You can also find us on Twitter and Facebook for all of the latest news and updates.


6 thoughts on “Offline capability with upcoming iOS apps!

  1. Noel

    Really looking forward to trying the ‘Drop Task’ app on my IPad when released, as if it is anywhere near as good as the online version most people, who have to manage tasks and projects lives will be changed for the better.

    1. Yogita Khetia Post author

      Thanks for your support Noel. The iPad app is currently being tested in beta and we’re receiving some really positive feedback!

  2. Ken Leslie

    A lot of projects are repeating processes, travel for example.
    Is a project cloning facility in the pipeline?

    1. Yogita Khetia Post author

      With DropTask PRO we’re introducing all new Project Templates – You’ll be able to save existing projects as templates (or create new ones), which should greatly speed up day to day management for repeating processes 🙂

    1. Yogita Khetia Post author

      A Windows app has been considered, and therefore may be something that will be planned for the future. Our Android app is currently in development though, and will be released next year.

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