DropTask iPhone App is now available in the App Store!

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“It makes identifying what needs to be done at a glance easier than ever
– Jeff Merrill, iPhone Beta Tester


Our iPhone app boasts all of the popular features that you can find in our web application, and has specifically been enhanced for your device with fluid functionality and outstanding visuals.

It also has offline capability so you can make changes and update progress no matter where you are, and once you’re back online all of your projects will sync back up in an instant so managing your workload on the move has never been easier!

You’ll notice some changes in our iPhone App as it’s been adapted to suit you & your device. Here’s a quick run through of what to expect…

Native Notification


Native Notifications

Opt for project notifications to start coming
through as iPhone notifications so that you can keep an eye on progress & always stay in the loop.


Adding tasks in inbox



Easy Task Creation

With the all new DropTask Inbox, you can now quickly create tasks to get them out of your mind and into a more productive and visually intuitive workspace. 

Create New Task Visual View



Gesture Support

DropTask is truly at home on a touch device. Pinch your screen to zoom in to your canvas, drag and drop tasks wherever you want, and simply double tap to create a new one in seconds!

It’s what you’ve been waiting for…
Get the DropTask iPhone app from the App Store NOW >>

Already installed the app on your iPhone? 
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2 thoughts on “DropTask iPhone App is now available in the App Store!

  1. Rob

    1. How does the $2.99 play with the coming Pro version? Will my whole team have to buy the app in addition to the monthly Pro version fee? Or will the app be part of the Pro subscription?

    2. iPad and Android releases coming?


  2. Yogita Khetia Post author

    Hi Rob,

    If your team would like to gain offline access to their projects and enjoy management on the go then they will indeed need to purchase the DropTask iPhone app in addition to PRO. But remember – there are discounts available for teams of 5 members or more. You can email contact@droptask.com if you would like to get an idea on estimated costs. 🙂

    Yes our iPad app will be released very very soon…It’s already been submitted to the App Store! And our Android App is currently in development…The team are working really hard on it so it won’t be very long until its official release.

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