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November 27, 2018

DropTask in Education: Timothy Butt, teacher case study

by Caragh Medlicott posted in Case Studies, Customers.

DropTask | DropTask in Education: Timothy Butt, teacher case study

Timothy is a busy executive STEM teacher for a primary school in Sydney, Australia. In charge of a number of duties, day-to-day, Timothy can be found running extracurricular clubs, handling eLearning coordination and cybersafety within his school – all this is in addition to studying for his Master’s degree. Timothy discovered DropTask whilst looking for somewhere he could manage all his tasks in one place. From powerful task prioritisation to time efficiency, here’s how DropTask works for Tim.

“Before using DropTask I found there was a huge gap between my email and the tasks I needed to get done, using DropTask has allowed me to fill that space. As soon as I receive an email I send it across to DropTask, where it can be scheduled based on my priorities. DropTask has stopped me from trying to do everything at once. Instead, I can focus on my most pressing tasks and use the Canvas View to see an instant overview of my priorities.

I wear many hats in my role. I am a STEM teacher, I run computer coding clubs for students and coordinate eLearning. When you consider that I am also completing a Master’s degree, you can imagine things get a bit hectic. Working in DropTask enables me to categorize and prioritize these many duties.

DropTask offers more engagement than any of the alternative software solutions I’ve come across. It moves far beyond basic, linear structure; in the past, I have wasted time using tools where I have to organise priorities into various folders. The drag and drop functionality of DropTask is far more usable and time-efficient. Everything about DropTask makes it well-suited to the educational sector!”

DropTask has something for every teacher & student. If you’ve got an education story to share, we’d love to hear it. Drop us an email today at support@droptask.com for more information on becoming one of our case studies.

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