Combine Your Productivity with Creativity

It’s often said that we have the tendency to use one side of our brain more than the other, and that when it comes to rationalisation, logical thinking and creativity, we use opposite sides of our brain to control our thinking. The left side is said to be more analytical, with abilities in language and understanding, whereas the right side is supposed to control our intuition and imagination – not to mention our creativity. So in this post, we’re going to show you how DropTask can revolutionise the way in which you engage, manage, and take control of those neglected tasks.

In the general scheme of things, we often spend more time than we’d like to admit when it comes to getting back to people, updating progress on a current task or project, or even sifting through bits of paper to find out where that all-important document is. It could be argued that all of the above feel like tedious tasks, and what you’re actually achieving is far from effective project management because you don’t really feel fully engaged to what’s going on.

So here at DropTask, we try to be a very forward and creative-thinking team, with the understanding that in order to fully engage in what you’re doing, you need to stimulate the brain to achieve maximum amounts of productivity. When you take a look at DropTask, you’ll see that the primary view is the ‘Group View’.

Group View

Group View

Your blank canvas is there and waiting to be bursting with groups, tasks, ideas and research, and each time you attach a file, set a due date or add a tag, you’re presented with a visual to support it. Taking a simple glance at the app is all you need to stay informed and on top of things, and the aesthetics of the task management software compliments the fluidity and ‘fun’ nature of navigating through it.

DropTask successfully combines logic, language and communication, precision and creativity into one easily manageable online application, ensuring that a good working product is still at the heart of things. The innovative nature of the interface fails to draw away from its purpose to serve as an effective task management application, and we’re confident that once you start using it, you’ll agree!