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Something wonderful this way comes. 3 ways to tackle terrifying deadlines

DropTask Halloween Planning

Forget ghouls and ghosts – the real world offers far more fearsome challenges, from managing shifting priorities to feeling swamped by your monster-sized workload. However, at DropTask, we have brewed up something special for you. From organizing your tasks to adding reminders and notes for detail, take a fresh approach to your work and turn your project nightmares into a blissful dream.

There’s no need to feel spooked by your workload this Halloween. Here are 3 ways DropTask can help you fight those frightful deadlines.

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Why DropTask is the only task management app you need

DropTask Views

With so many task management apps on the market, it can be hard to sift through the noise and choose the right one for you. How many of you have found yourselves adjusting the way you work to suit an app you decided to give a try? We believe the best task management app is one that works in sync with your daily routine. DropTask adapts to you so you can organize your various tasks and projects with ease, in a clear and visual way.

Now is the perfect opportunity to de-clutter your phone and desktop. Say goodbye to separate tools for your email, calendar and notepad. With DropTask, you can combine all of these into one and freshen up the way you get things done. Take a look at these top reasons DropTask is the only task management app you need, and you’ll never look back.

DropTask Projects

Manage multiple projects & delegate tasks

Having a good system for managing your projects is vital to ensure they run smoothly and efficiently. Use DropTask to create multiple projects within one productive workspace – share and organize your tasks with others by adding your teammates to collaborative group projects, where you can organize your tasks in color-coded order. Have a project you’re working on individually? Create your own private project so you can keep track of the tasks you need to get done separately from your group projects.

When working collaboratively, it’s also important to delegate tasks effectively so your workload stays balanced. DropTask makes it easy to view and update the progress, importance and urgency of each task. Add any details you need to each one, from Due Dates and Reminders to Tags and Checklists, so your team can get an instant overview of what the task entails. Have a colleague away on holiday? Easily Assign multiple people to tasks so your projects can continue full steam ahead. Having the ability to clearly see who is working on what and communicate updates all within one workspace will keep you organized and in control.

DropTask Planner

Schedule your workload and manage priorities

One of the most important elements of task management is being able to organize your own time and understand your priorities. However, we all know how quickly tasks can change when something urgent crops up.

Tackle your workload and easily adjust shifting priorities with your DropTask Planner. Your Planner works across all projects at once, helping you keep your workload balanced and under control, wherever priorities may come from. A handy alternative to your calendar, your Planner is less governed by time and more focused on flexible and personal productivity. Within your Planner, you can categorize your tasks into ‘Now’, ‘Next’ or ‘Soon’, meaning you can easily rearrange your priorities and work on what matters most. Got an urgent piece of work you need to complete? Simply drag and drop your tasks across the three ‘Now’, ‘Next’ and ‘Soon’ columns, so you can clearly view your main priorities at a glance.

DropTask Congratulations

Clear communication with your team

Open communication with your team is vital to success. It not only helps your projects run smoothly but keep your colleagues focused and engaged. Maintain a seamless flow of communication within your projects using DropTask’s Discussions. It can be easy for people to get dropped out of conversation with email. Discussions take away the hassle of long-winded threads and keep conversations focused on the task at hand. Use discussions to add general comments, or use the ‘@’ symbol to mention specific friends or colleagues to update them on a task. Anyone tagged in a comment will receive an instant notification, so you can ensure you are all informed and working on the same page.

It’s true that happy, motivated teams are the ones that thrive and succeed. Brighten your colleagues’ day by congratulating them on a job well done. With the simple click of a button, you can sprinkle their completed tasks in a bright shower of celebratory confetti. DropTask’s Achievements also inform you when you hit major milestones, helping you to take notice of your successes and appreciate just how far you have come. All the more motivation to keep going!

Task management has never been easier with DropTask. Sign up for free today, or try DropTask for Business for unlimited projects and members.

Introducing The New & Improved DropTask!


This week has been one of the most exciting in the DropTask calendar so far, with one of our biggest launches to date taking place TODAY! We introduce you to our new user interface for the web app– which we hope you agree looks beautiful – but we have also brought in some massive new functionality for you to start using right away.

As we are forever seeking to improve DropTask, a constant stream of new features often find their way into development as a result of the wonderful feedback you give us. However, the features we bring to you today are nothing short of monumental, giving you the power to use DropTask in more ways than ever before.

The New Look DropTask On The Web


We’re big on visuals here, you know that. Improving the look and feel of DropTask is something close to our hearts, and we hope the updated interface reflects that. The overall refreshed look is cleaner and much smoother overall, making your experience within the app more fluid. The colours are richer and the graphics are clearer, with the various project views looking and feeling nicer than ever before. Better yet, the new interface doesn’t just look great, but performs even more intuitively than its predecessor. Your projects are not only easier on the eye, but now easier to manage too.

User Permissions & Visibility Settings


If there is one thing we’ve learnt at DropTask, it’s that being able to control who can view and edit things within your projects is a deal breaker when it comes to your project management needs. Hundreds of you have told us that. That’s why we’re delighted that it’s now possible for you to edit User Permissions and Visibility Settings. These settings give you an abundance of ways to control your projects, as well as the activities of project members. You’re now able to publicly share a project with everyoneeven non users – so anyone can see what you’re working on if you so wish. On the other hand, you can set a project as private for members-only access.

If you’re using DropTask PRO not only can you control what other members see, you can also control what they do. You have the option to choose who has permission to invite new members to a project or delete tasks. Go a step further and restrict a member so they can view their assigned tasks only, with no ability to create new tasks or groups. For those of you sharing your projects with clients, it’s possible to give them exclusive read-only access to your chosen projects, which they can view but not edit. With this new function you can rest assured that your projects cannot be compromised in any way.

Eisenhower Style Urgency and Importance Prioritization


We’ve spoken in detail about this one already in a previous blog post so we won’t say too much, but it is now possible to prioritize your tasks using the Urgency and Importance attributes. These should make deciding the order in which to complete your tasks a breeze, increasing your output whilst reducing time spent making decisions. Visual indicators of these attributes will be consistent throughout the project, making a glance all that is necessary in order to see what needs to be done and when.

Cover Images


Images. We like them. So does your brain. It’s why DropTask is a visual task management tool. It’s also why we’ve introduced the cover images feature to make your projects more visual than they’ve ever been. If you’re a DropTask PRO user you now have the option to add cover images to tasks, utilizing your brains natural ability to process visuals better than text. This allows you to differentiate between tasks just by looking at them, which should make searching through projects much easier – especially for those users with a lot of tasks that need to be sifted through quickly and efficiently. Cover images also greatly improve the personalization of your projects, giving you extended control over what your project looks like. Whether you use cover images for pretty or practical purposes, we think you’ll enjoy them.

So there you have it, a brief overview of our huge new updates. They’re things you’ve wanted for a while, therefore we’ve wanted them too, so we’re really excited that they are now ready for you to use.

Those of you familiar with DropTask should take to the new features with ease, but if you’re unsure how to use any of the new additions we have updated our range of support articles in order to give you a helping hand should you need it.

How are you all enjoying DropTask’s fancy new look and latest features?

Offline capability with upcoming iOS apps!


Whether you’re working alone, managing a team, or simply using DropTask as a visual to-do list – you’ll be able to access your projects, tasks and groups from anywhere.

DropTask users will now be able to manage their schedules both online and offline with the upcoming release of our iOS apps! 

What about staying in sync, you ask? 

Well the nifty DropTask developers have worked their magic to make sure that when you do connect back up to the internet, your sync is seamless.

With any of the offline changes you make to your DropTask projects instantaneously being updated when you access DropTask online, it really does provide the freedom and flexibility that’s needed to manage your daily schedule with ease.

But that’s not all…

As the launch date for the DropTask iPhone and iPad apps rapidly approaches, we also thought we’d give you a sneak insight into some of the cool features included in these versions…

A Heightened User Experience

upload (8)

Click to enlarge

With native gesture support, the much loved DropTask visuals will really be enhanced with the ability to pan, drag and zoom in and out of your projects. Navigation around your canvas and grouping tasks together will be a very fluid process, and will really highlight how suited the app is to a touch device.

The Visual View, The List View & The Activity Viewupload (5)

DropTask will remain as beautiful as ever, regardless of which iOS device you use it on.

You’ll notice the team have adapted the best qualities for each device to enhance your usability experience as much as possible. So, for example, you may notice that there’s more of a focus on the List View when using the iPhone app, yet the Visual View is still as stunning as ever if that’s your preference.


Setting Task Attributes

upload (13)

Click to enlarge

Setting task status, priority and effort will be as simple as always, and you’ll still benefit from powerful task indicators which help you focus your attention on the areas that need it most.

Inviting Others To Your projectsupload (4)

Inviting people to share projects and tasks with has never been easier! You’ll still be able to enter in email addresses and hit send to collaborate with as many people as you like, and features such as request update will still be available.

For more information on our upcoming app launch, please visit You can also find us on Twitter and Facebook for all of the latest news and updates.


DropTask – #1 in the Google Apps Marketplace!

We’re pleased to announce that DropTask has flown straight into the No.1 spot as the Top New App in the Google Apps Marketplace!

Top New App

Since its launch in the app marketplace earlier this month, hundreds of organisations have already installed DropTask and are benefiting from a boost in productivity through visual project and team management.

Click here for more information on how you can install DropTask from the Google Apps Marketplace today!