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Here at DropTask, our aim is to develop functionality that’s simple and enjoyable to use but delivers powerful results. To accomplish this, we don’t like to simply make assumptions about what we think you want to see in the product, instead we take great care to listen.

Over the past year our team have been busy evaluating our forum & community pages, engaging in conversations with our users and taking on board all of the feedback and suggestions we’ve received – including those from our own experiences of using DropTask.

As a result, we’re excited to announce that we’ll be making some big changes to the product as well as our brand, later this year.

The road ahead…

From the abundance of positive feedback that DropTask has received, we’ve learnt that you absolutely ‘love’ the colorful and visual design of the app and how it engages you while you work – which we couldn’t agree with more! So as we look towards the future, we see our app being more than just your project-based task manager; we see it as your life organizer – a planner that’s flexible, friendly and fit for purpose for everything you’re looking to achieve.

A clean & clear experience
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In keeping with our simple and visual approach, we’ll be bringing a fresh and vibrant new look to the app to make things cleaner and more intuitive. Attention will be drawn to the tasks and areas that need it the most, allowing you to clearly assess when and where your time should be spent. Emphasis will turn towards team members instead of projects, and you will gain greater clarification over the accountability and responsibility of individual tasks. The new design will eliminate clutter and prevent distractions from tasks that don’t require focus.

Our Head of Creative Media, Gareth Lloyd – who has been busy redesigning the app, states “Design and user experience never takes a back seat at DropTask. Through recognizing how significant it is to instantly know what’s important and when, the new look will bring focus to a cleaner way of working, for a much clearer way of thinking.”

The feel good factor
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Our current view of completed tasks isn’t how we’d like it to be so we’re transforming it into something special. The new interface will give you the feel good factor about the tasks you’re achieving and will motivate you while you work. When you’ve worked hard at something, there’s nothing more satisfying than reaching your end goal and getting the task ticked off, and by making sure your achievements are recognized, you can celebrate and look back at everything you’ve accomplished.

A refreshing new look on the go
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Upon launching, a goal of ours was to give complete flexibility to our users by allowing them to leverage DropTask from their chosen device at any time. In accomplishing this goal, we’ve released native apps for iOS and Android devices, as well as both Mac and Windows Desktop.

As we continue to move forward, our development teams are taking things up a notch and revamping our entire range of apps to bring you a seamless and intuitive experience. Bursting with exciting new visuals and polished functionality, our apps will breathe new life into your projects to deliver an even more engaging and enjoyable experience no matter where you are, or which app you’re using.

So there you have it, a sneak-peek at some of the changes we’ll be making and what you can expect to see in the next few months. Keep an eye out on our Facebook, Twitter & Google+ pages over the coming weeks as we’ll be bringing even more announcements and previews of what will be available in the new release.

If you’re not yet a DropTask member, sign up for free today.

24 thoughts on “Big changes are coming…

  1. Ben Parsons

    Good Afternoon,

    I have a look at the free version of your application a few months ago, and since have had many promotional emails asking me to try the full version.

    I am struggling to see exactly the purpose of the application. Does it serve as a full vehicle for project management, for example a substitute for Microsoft project or web planner? Or is it a detailed organiser, served as an application to help groups and teams be coherent in their day to day workload?

    Without having a true direction as to what the product is, i find it difficult to know where I can actually implement this into my work life and team.

    Would you be able to offer both answers to the above and what purpose you believe the droptask product truly offers.

    1. Yogita

      Hey Ben 🙂

      As well as giving you the ability to invite an unlimited number of people to as many projects as you wish, DropTask PRO offers powerful functionality with extra features such as task reminders, the ability to upload and attach files, and the functionality to send messages to other collaborators. By allowing everything to be kept in one place, you’re able to main organization and practice an efficient way of working within DropTask’s visually engaging workspace. A full range of features which will help you identify the differences between our plans can be found here:

      If you would be interested in receiving some one to one support, we would also welcome you to reach out to our support team at where we will be more than happy to offer a helping hand and share best practises.

      1. Robert

        That is not what Yogita asked you… question was concrete and clear, so an answer would be most appreciated. Thank you.

          1. Yogita

            Hi Robert,

            Not a problem, I’d be happy to expand. DropTask is a resourceful and flexible tool for individuals and teams looking to manage their day to day workload – whether this consists of ongoing daily duties or projects that must be undertaken within a set time period. You are required to work within ‘projects’, but we’ve kept the usability simple and intuitive while packing it full of powerful functionality – so it’s easy for people with various levels of skill to use and understand.

            In the coming months, you’ll see that we’re strengthening our solution by introducing some brand new functionality – most notably an efficient way to schedule your duties. As always, we’ll be taking a user-friendly and simplistic approach – rather than overloading DropTask with an abundance of complex features. With the new enhancements, you’ll gain clarity on where you should be focusing your attention and how you should be managing your time. Therefore we see DropTask as an effective solution for project management, but as we look forward we see our app being much more than just your project-based manager. We see it as a solution for each and every important life goal, with the flexibility to adapt according to your needs.

            I hope this helps Robert. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

  2. David Towers

    1) Good task management involves completing a task before going on to the next task. With this in mind, please ensure your Windows Desktop app is up to the standard of your iPhone one before going down this route please. 2) Thus new approach does sound very interesting. However, I wonder if your team have learnt from the mistakes other task management apps? Pocket Infomant was once also once a great app but they added too much functionality and now they have very poor software the last time I looked. I hope you take note of my points as I would like to keep using your wonderful software.

    1. Yogita

      Thank you for the feedback David 🙂

      By the sounds of it, we’re on the same page. We want to simplify DropTask even further and as we release more information in the coming weeks, you’ll find that there are a number of different enhancements we’re making in order to achieve this – involving a bit more than just adding extra functionality. We want to make it easy for users to eliminate distractions and clutter that could prevent you from focusing on the tasks that are going help you reach important goals, and throughout the design and development phase, clarity and focus has been key. We hope you’ll let us know your thoughts once we unveil some more details over the next few weeks :-).

    2. Ian

      I’m with David. I actually worry about the proposed changes. I’ve tried about 15+ project or to-do management services over the years. All are good for specific scenarios or personas but not others. For instance, when you project manage with small, agile teams and use GTD style method, timing and deadlines aren’t necessary. Visibility across projects (via tags or contexts) is important, however.

      Please make sure you know who your customer is that was drawn to you in the first place (as opposed to those people who stumbled upon you and now want you to migrate towards the profile of another service). And then keep them in mind when adding features.

  3. Srinivas Namineni

    Does DropTask support ‘dependent’ task?’ For use in business environment does it have a dashboard to look at how team and team members are doing on their tasks?

    1. Laura Bailey Post author

      Hey Srinivas 🙂

      I’m pleased to tell you that as part of DropTask PRO, we do support dependent tasks. See here for more information:

      Within the app you are able to view all tasks from across all projects where you can then filter down by team members to see exactly what each member is working on ( Also, within each project you can also view all activity on the project and filter down by such things as completed tasks (

      It is worth noting (as per the blog post above) that we will be introducing some exciting new functionality later this year which will bring an even more efficient way of working and managing team members. We will be sure to keep you updated with more details over the coming weeks! 🙂

  4. adon_v

    I find the app very interesting but I would need a litle bit more to fully implement. In my opinion an appealing feature would be to have a visual approach to the time left to complete the task. If there are 10 bubbles of the same size (importance) but no differentiation of the time left to complete is a bit busy as a picture. One suggestion would be to change the color as the task time approaches and to have the days left displayed when you show the bubble with the mouse. The timeframe related color helps a lot to set priorities related to time.
    Thank you very much and keep up the good work. You have somethning nice and unique and you can only make it better.

    1. Laura Bailey Post author

      Thanks for your feedback and support Adon, and for the your interesting insight into how you would see the visuals being developed.

      Through brainstorming and prototyping ideas, we have taken everything into consideration and explored countless ways that color and visuals could be used to really enhance engagement and bring even more value to your work with just a glance. We can’t wait to show you the fresh and clean new look of the app when we unveil it later this year – which we’ll be sure to notify you of as soon as we have more information 🙂

  5. Kate

    Thank you Droptask Team for listening to our suggestions and feedback. I know some of my suggestions have been heard and it looks like they will be implemented in the upcoming changes. Much appreciated and I look forward to the new changes!


    1. Laura Bailey Post author

      Hi Kate 🙂

      Thanks for your comment and for your support. We do receive a large number of suggestions and though we cannot implement them all at this time, we do hope that the upcoming changes and enhancements will bring a clearer and more focused way of working for you. We hope you’re looking forward to the new changes as much as we are!

  6. ANUJ

    I am using droptask and think it could be a wonderful tool but facing a simple but surprisingly unaddressed issue which renders a lot of the flexibility useless. Ability to search across projects with the following methods:

    1. Tag – search all tasks with same tags across projects ( actually there is no tag search option itself or clicking on the tag also does not list). Whole point of tags is to be able to connect tasks which don’t necessarily fit under the same hierarchy of project- group etc but are still related.

    2. Search with a combination of importance, urgency and effort and search across projects. This is the basis of the Eisenhower quadrants. If i am not able to filter for say quadrant 2, then it is useless.

    Please help asap.


    1. Staci Clarke

      I agree with this and it is a BIG concern of mine. I REALLY wanted to use this as my main task manager but the fact that you can’t “tag” or search to group items based on content has caused me to stop using it altogether at the moment. I don’t have time to try and figure out how to “work around” this. Too bad…

  7. Gerwin Schalk

    2. I´m used to organize my work in the Google Calendar. A task list, visual or not, never tell me what time I need for. A day in my calendar hat exactly 24 hours and I can see what realistic I can do the day or the week. Is there any way to convert tasks vom DropTask to Google Calendar or is there a timerelated view in DropTAask?

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