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3 productivity myths that are actually slowing you down

Beat these productivity myths with DropTask

Everyone wants to be their best, most effective self, especially at work. Discover the 3 myths you’ve probably been believing in the hope to be more productive. Spoiler alert! They’re actually slowing you down. It’s not too late. With a few adjustments to your working habits, and a little help from DropTask, you’ll uncover the secrets to getting more done, without doing any more work.

Myth 1: “Being busy means being productive”

In a world where everything is so fast-moving, we feel as though we need to be constantly doing something just to keep up with the pace. But, the idea of being ‘busy’ actually has more to do with overwhelm and chaos than it does with productivity. Look at it this way: the more organized and productive you are, the less ‘busy’ and overwhelmed you’ll probably feel.

That brings us onto another myth. Being productive doesn’t always mean getting everything done. Whatever the task, it’s almost inevitable that there will be hurdles to overcome whether it’s because real life presents unforeseen circumstances, or another unanticipated problem crops up. Giving yourself contingency time to manage the unexpected is essential. Be flexible and put things on pause when necessary.

Reshuffle priorities with DropTask

Try this: Since you can’t actually do everything at once, with DropTask’s My Planner, you can decide whether tasks need to be completed Now, Next or Soon, depending on urgency and priority. No one has an infinite number of hours in one day so being flexible is key. If you’re working something and a more urgent task pops up, don’t be afraid to reshuffle your priorities by pushing less pressing tasks into the Next and Soon columns. Not sure when you’ll be able to continue with a task? Hit the pause button on the task’s progress bar so both you and your team know the task is on hold.

Myth 2: “Multitasking is a good thing”

Not only is multitasking not a good thing, but according to recent scientific studies, there is no such thing as cognitive multitasking. Speaking on the phone, reading an email and writing a report all at the same time is counter-productive. That’s because all these tasks engage the same part of the brain so it’s not actually possible to action these simultaneously.

Delegate tasks with DropTask

Try this: Organize your workload. DropTask doesn’t encourage you to multitask (don’t forget, that’s not actually possible), but it does help you to recognize upcoming due dates and overlapping tasks so that you can prioritize your workload in the best way possible.

So, you’ve used your Planner to decide what needs to be done Now, Next and Soon. But, if too many things have become urgent, instead of trying to focus on too many things at once, ask for some help. Invite team members to your projects and delegate tasks to colleagues to reduce your workload. Simply click and drag your team member’s avatars to assign them to specific tasks.

Myth 3: “Keep powering through”

Whether you’re trying to power through a sick day, lunch break or a late night, it’s more than likely going to lead to mediocre results, that you’ll end up redoing anyway. Working for long periods without taking a break to recover can cause our brains to perceive the task as less important and we end up losing concentration. The early bird doesn’t always catch the worm, not when it’s burnt out. Flexible working hours allow you to work at the times when you know you perform at your best.

Update task progress with DropTask

Try this: Going to be out of the office? DropTask’s shared digital workspace means nothing gets missed. By attaching your files, updating progress percentages and adding notes to specific tasks, everything needed for that task will all be in one place. Whether or not you’re in the office, your whole team will always be kept in the loop, meaning your projects can continue at full power, even if you can’t. So, don’t hesitate in taking a break when you need to.

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Managing a remote workforce with DropTask

Back to School

The way we work is changing. Companies are seeing rewards from a more flexible approach to working practices. Gone are the days when your talent pool was restricted to a reasonable commuting distance from your headquarters. Today, companies have opened themselves up to simply securing the best person for the job, regardless of their location or time zone.

However, with teams dispersed across various workspaces and geographical locations, remote working also has its challenges. But, with DropTask (and our top tips below), you’ll feel in control when managing your team of flexible workers.

DropTask Planner

Create a digital workplace

Though you’re not in the same physical space as your team, DropTask allows you to simulate an office environment within its clever interface. By creating multiple projects, and seeing your team’s avatars on their assigned tasks, you’ll feel as though you’re in a virtual meeting room.

DropTask’s Canvas View also enables you to visualize workloads, priorities and task dependencies. By attaching files to tasks, your team will be able to store and access all of their work within DropTask. Much more efficient than a filing cabinet or desktop storage space, your seamless digital workspace will ensure that nothing gets lost.

Group Project

Set clear expectations

By communicating with your team digitally, both yourself and your team will have a record and overview of all accountabilities and wider plans across the business. Through creating projects, assigning tasks to team members and setting due dates, everyone will be on the same page. This means no steps in a process will be missed and no work gets duplicated.

As a manager of a remote and seemingly invisible team, trust is a must. Stay focused on goals, rather than activities and your employees will take care of the rest. Employees can easily assign their tasks to be done Now, Next or Soon, as well as adding personal tasks to their Planner. With this innovative alternative to a calendar, they’ll be able to manage their daily workflow with a tool that’s as flexible as they are.

With DropTask, employees can work flexible hours, allowing them to work at whatever time they perform best. Whether or not your team are online at the same time, it’s easy to see where project members left off with particular tasks and documents. This means everyone will be kept in the loop, despite the difference in working patterns and time zones.

Daily Email Summary

Give timely feedback

With the ability to attach and access files within DropTask, you’ll be able to easily review your team’s work, providing feedback quicker than ever. Using the @ tag, just like instant messaging, chat with team members using the Discussions feature on specific tasks, drastically cutting down on lengthy emails.

When you’re not meeting your team face-to-face, it’s easy to let employee motivation slip. Don’t forget to celebrate colleague successes, big or small. Use DropTask to congratulate team members when they mark tasks as completed and a burst of confetti will shower their screen. By building a positive culture with frequent communication, you’ll be able to boost morale within your workforce wherever they are in the world.

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Back to School made easy with DropTask

Back to School

If you’re preparing for the start of a brand new school term, DropTask can help you manage your priorities and prepare your work in time for when the bell rings. Whether you’re organizing homework deadlines, or planning your lessons for the week, DropTask will help you to stay on top of your goals for a stress-free school year.

To help you jump back into classroom life, take a look below for 3 ways you can set yourself up for success this semester. Before you know it, you’ll be armed with the knowledge and tools you need to make this semester your most productive yet.

DropTask Planner

Manage priorities with your DropTask Planner

With the DropTask Planner, you can schedule your tasks in three simple boards: Now, Next or Soon. Breaking your to-do list into smaller chunks is a much more effective way to prioritize your work, so you can stay focused on the tasks that are most important. We all know that priorities can shift and new deadlines can crop up last minute – make quick changes as priorities move around by simply dragging and dropping your tasks onto a different board, so you can take control of your workload.

These simple boards are only visible to you, giving you your own space to organize your thoughts and tasks in a way you can understand. Say goodbye to your traditional to-do list, and use the DropTask Planner for the flexibility and ease to re-order and manage your tasks as priorities might change around you.

Group Project

Use Projects to categorize your workload

DropTask’s Projects give focus to things that need to be done and allow you to categorize tasks and responsibilities into one productive workspace. Create your own private project to display your personal lesson plans or revision notes. Alternatively, invite students or classmates to a group project so you can easily work together on a project.

By creating a group project, you can further encourage teamwork and collaboration with discussions. Keeping your conversations and assignments together in one space will make it easier to work on your tasks as they develop, and maintain a seamless flow of communication with others. Easily send and receive comments and feedback by using the ‘@’ symbol within a specific task to mention your colleagues. When someone mentions you in a comment, you will receive a notification within the app, so you won’t miss any activity.

Daily Email Summary

Stay on track with daily email summaries

Start your day on track and make sure nothing slips through the net. We’ll send you an email every morning to let you know which tasks you have to work on, as well as which ones are overdue, due today and due tomorrow. Within each task that you create, you can add due dates so we can send you these helpful reminders to ensure you’re always one step ahead of the game.

Want to add more to your tasks? When setting your due dates, you can also add extra details such as the level of importance, urgency and effort required for each task. There is also an adjustable progress bar, so you can specify exactly how far your task has left to completion.

Sign up for DropTask FREE today, and make this school year your most productive and efficient yet.