Introducing DropTask PRO!

DropTask PRO

DropTask PRO – Unlock your potential

We’re very excited to finally cut the ribbon and unveil DropTask PRO – the new and advanced DropTask membership that gives you full access to some of the most productivity boosting, intuitive, and powerful set of features that are a sure fire way to kick start the year! 

We’ve kept things as simple and straightforward as always – so you won’t have much trouble when picking up all of the new features. Here’s a very quick glimpse at just some of what PRO can offer you and your team – And don’t forget, further details regarding features, pricing and discounts can be found here.


Gain full access…

That’s right – no limits, no restrictions. With a DropTask PRO account you can create an unlimited number of projects, invite an unlimited number of people, and create an unlimited number of tasks!

Remember, if you’re looking to upgrade several accounts at once, we can offer you great team discounts.


Save some time…

savesometimeHaving to create new tasks identical to others can be a tedious task in itself, so the team have made it easier than ever for users to send tasks  immediately into other projects. Don’t even get us started on the all-new ‘exclusive to DropTask PRO’ project templates aswell!


Shaping itself around you… 

We know how hectic your schedule can get – which is why DropTask PRO allows you to email in anything from a note to a gentle reminder to feed the cat with just a simple click of a button. Don’t worry about categorising it, just send it in and deal with it when you’re good and ready…



Keep everything in one place…
Transparent file attachment

None of us are strangers to that moment when you go searching through your emails for a long lost photo or Monday’s meeting notes. This is why DropTask PRO is making it easier than ever to store everything in once place. Want to hear the best part? There’s no limit to the number of files you can upload – hurrah!


Want to learn more? Well those are just some of the features included in DropTask PRO…Get a full run through along with pricing here.

Already a DropTask PRO user? Share your thoughts below! 

Some time saving enhancements…

The last few months – as you’ve probably guessed – have been fairly hectic here at DropTask HQ. If we weren’t working on polishing up PRO ready for its official release in the coming weeks, or gearing up for the iPad and iPhone App launch, then we were working on some exciting new features that will be coming later this year – not to forget our official DropTask Android app that we all know you’re waiting for.

But in addition to all of this, we’ve also been making a few little enhancements to DropTask which you may have missed. So here’s a quick look at some of the changes – all of which get our ‘Time Saver‘ stamp of approval…

Editing Subtasks 

We took note that this was one of the most frequent requests that we were receiving, and so all of our users are now able to easily edit their subtasks – including the ability to copy and paste them. 

Editing Subtasks

Resending Project Invites

DropTask is a great tool to use if you’re looking to work with others and collaborate on a project, and this is why it’s now possible to resend project invites. Long gone are the days of awaiting a response…

Resend project invites


 Cancelling Update Requests

Ever requested an update just before the task is marked as complete? Well now you’re able to cancel that request with a quick click of a button.

Cancel Update Request

Activity Feed – Auto Load

You may have noticed that the ‘See More’ button from the activity view has been replaced by…well, nothing. Now, your feed automatically loads the further you scroll down… 

Activity Feed

Have a time saving suggestion of your own? Let us know in the comments below! 


The DropTask iPad App is now officially available!


Manage your workload in a meeting, on the move, or in your home – our newly released iPad App boasts fluidity & flexibility to suit your lifestyle.


 It provides me with the same functionality of the software when I am on the go, and in a way which is perfectly intuitive for the touch screen
Kempton Rees, App User

With the release of our iPhone app earlier this week, we’re pleased to announce that users can now install the new DropTask App on their iPads! With all of the productivity boosting features you can find in our web version (plus more!), our iPad App gives convenience to those who need to the freedom to manage their projects away from their desks.

Here’s some of what you can expect…

OfflineOffline Ability

No matter where you are in the world, with DropTask on your iPad you can manage projects in an instant. Upload files, add comments and create tasks – Everything will sync up once you’re back online.


All New ‘Inbox’ Feature

We know that things can get hectic when you’re on the move, so to help unload your worries, drop all of your all-important tasks into your new DropTask Inbox and feel secure knowing that they’re in a more productive environment to manage when you’re feeling ready.

Inbox iPad

A User Interface Suited To Your Device

When you use the app for the first time, you’ll see what we mean. With our new iPad app you’ll notice that you now have a new Project Sidebar which can hide to give you maximum use of the canvas space, and we’ve also made it as easy as possible to navigate around the app so your favourite features are only a finger swipe away.



 I’ve used the web version of DropTask for months now, and I love having the mobile version. I can update my tasks on the go, and whenever something pops in my head I just throw it at DropTask
TTimo, App User



DropTask iPhone App is now available in the App Store!

iPhone Blog Header

“It makes identifying what needs to be done at a glance easier than ever
- Jeff Merrill, iPhone Beta Tester


Our iPhone app boasts all of the popular features that you can find in our web application, and has specifically been enhanced for your device with fluid functionality and outstanding visuals.

It also has offline capability so you can make changes and update progress no matter where you are, and once you’re back online all of your projects will sync back up in an instant so managing your workload on the move has never been easier!

You’ll notice some changes in our iPhone App as it’s been adapted to suit you & your device. Here’s a quick run through of what to expect…

Native Notification


Native Notifications

Opt for project notifications to start coming
through as iPhone notifications so that you can keep an eye on progress & always stay in the loop.


Adding tasks in inbox



Easy Task Creation

With the all new DropTask Inbox, you can now quickly create tasks to get them out of your mind and into a more productive and visually intuitive workspace. 

Create New Task Visual View



Gesture Support

DropTask is truly at home on a touch device. Pinch your screen to zoom in to your canvas, drag and drop tasks wherever you want, and simply double tap to create a new one in seconds!

It’s what you’ve been waiting for…
Get the DropTask iPhone app from the App Store NOW >>

Already installed the app on your iPhone? 
Tell us what you think in the comments below! 

Offline capability with upcoming iOS apps!


Whether you’re working alone, managing a team, or simply using DropTask as a visual to-do list – you’ll be able to access your projects, tasks and groups from anywhere.

DropTask users will now be able to manage their schedules both online and offline with the upcoming release of our iOS apps! 

What about staying in sync, you ask? 

Well the nifty DropTask developers have worked their magic to make sure that when you do connect back up to the internet, your sync is seamless.

With any of the offline changes you make to your DropTask projects instantaneously being updated when you access DropTask online, it really does provide the freedom and flexibility that’s needed to manage your daily schedule with ease.

But that’s not all…

As the launch date for the DropTask iPhone and iPad apps rapidly approaches, we also thought we’d give you a sneak insight into some of the cool features included in these versions…

A Heightened User Experience

upload (8)

Click to enlarge

With native gesture support, the much loved DropTask visuals will really be enhanced with the ability to pan, drag and zoom in and out of your projects. Navigation around your canvas and grouping tasks together will be a very fluid process, and will really highlight how suited the app is to a touch device.

The Visual View, The List View & The Activity Viewupload (5)

DropTask will remain as beautiful as ever, regardless of which iOS device you use it on.

You’ll notice the team have adapted the best qualities for each device to enhance your usability experience as much as possible. So, for example, you may notice that there’s more of a focus on the List View when using the iPhone app, yet the Visual View is still as stunning as ever if that’s your preference.


Setting Task Attributes

upload (13)

Click to enlarge

Setting task status, priority and effort will be as simple as always, and you’ll still benefit from powerful task indicators which help you focus your attention on the areas that need it most.

Inviting Others To Your projectsupload (4)

Inviting people to share projects and tasks with has never been easier! You’ll still be able to enter in email addresses and hit send to collaborate with as many people as you like, and features such as request update will still be available.

For more information on our upcoming app launch, please visit You can also find us on Twitter and Facebook for all of the latest news and updates.


Integration with iMindMap 7!

Integration Overview

In line with the latest release of iMindMap 7 today, we’re pleased to announce that DropTask users will now be able to export all of their tasks, groups and projects straight into iMindMap 7 Ultimate for further visual exploration of opportunities and ideas.

Designed to give a beneficial boost in creativity and vastly improve your quality of work, the integration supports existing theories and studies on the benefits of visual thinking.

Did you know: Research cited by David Hyerle approximates that between 70% & 90% of the information received by the brain is through visual channels?

Getting Started


Exporting your DropTask project is easy, all you have to do is select your project from the side menu, go into the project settings, and then select iMindMap from the export pop up.

After doing this, all of your groups and tasks will appear in iMindMap 7. Your project will become your central idea, your groups will be main branches, and your tasks will become descendent child branches in the same colours as you’d set them in DropTask.

And the best bit is, once you’re ready to take action again, you can export your entire map (or individual branches) back into DropTask for fluid and powerful visual task management. 

Send all of your actionable tasks back into DropTask

Send all of your actionable tasks back into DropTask

To try out the export feature, get your free trial of iMindMap 7 Ultimate here

DropTask PRO – Coming early 2014

As most of you know, we’ve been planning on releasing an advanced version of DropTask for some time now, with more features, more visuals, and further enriched functionality to support individuals and teams who are looking for a real boost in productivity – especially in the workplace.

It is for this reason, therefore, that we’re pleased to inform you about some of the exciting new changes ahead with our upcoming launch of DropTask PRO!

Here are just some of the new DropTask PRO features that are coming soon…

Project Themes


DropTask PRO will feature brand new Project Themes!

From neon to business – the team have put together an array of visually captivating palettes that will be sure to catch your (and your colleague’s) eye.

DropTask Theme

DropTask Inbox

Allow DropTask to fit into your daily workflow by getting things out of your email and straight into your new DropTask Inbox.

Send all of your actionable tasks straight into an environment where they can be easily accessed, managed and completed with a click of a button.

Project Templates

All new Project Templates will allow you to save existing projects as they are, and duplicate them as many times as you want.

Alternatively, create several templates from scratch and reinvent the way you work.


Set Reminders

Forgot that you had a task to complete? Our all new reminder functionality will allow you to send time-specific reminders to yourself so you’re always on the ball and up to date with what needs to be done.

Copy & Move tasks between projects

Looking to duplicate some to-dos and move them into other projects? Copy all of your tasks and groups between projects for simple, straightforward and powerful project management.

DropTask PRO will be launching in early 2014 – Let us know what you think in the comments below!

DropTask iPhone and iPad apps are coming soon…


Both the visual view and the list view will be available on each device

Here at Think Productivity we’re excited to announce that the iOS versions of DropTask will be released within the next month or two!

Earlier this year, the DropTask team started working really hard towards developing iPhone and iPad apps that capture the simple yet powerful nature of DropTask flawlessly, so that you can enjoy task management on the move and really have an all-around outstanding user experience.

The new apps will allow you to pick up where you left off with all of the intuitive, visual and resourceful features that you can find in the online desktop version.

You can continue to collaborate with others, sync up with Google services, and easily upload attachments…and we’ve even got something up our sleeves which will be revealed during the next few weeks!

So hold on, sit tight, and be prepared to be blown away because your voices have been heard and the DropTask iOS apps are on their way and they’re looking great…

Share your thoughts in the comments below, and find us on Twitter or Facebook to receive all of the latest DropTask news and updates.

Get the most out of your team effort!

I’m sure you’ll agree that when it comes to collaboration and working with others, communication is key.

A team with various responsibilities, projects, and priorities to handle can be difficult to manage if you’re not always on the same page as each other, and it can be made worse when you throw an increased workload into the mix.

But requesting an update on progress or delegating a new task can be counter productive if your message is lost in a sea of emails, which is why DropTask is a really great tool for driving team effort.



In August 2013, we introduced our new Request Update feature. With its self-explanatory function in mind, we wanted to design it to help you monitor progress on a task that you’re overseeing, and get you one step closer to the finishing post.

We felt that this feature – designed specifically for collaboration – would further improve the way DropTask is already supporting and promoting teamwork, and judging by your feedback, it’s done just that.

Within each project is the option to invite friends, family members, colleagues or acquaintances to share a space with. Whether you’re managing a project, overseeing a team’s effort or simply looking to improve the way you work with others – gaining access to a shared project means you can create unlimited tasks, assign people to them, and even categorise the to-dos by organising them within groups.

CollaborationEverything in one shared place not only makes it easier for everyone to ask questions, send files, and update progress, but it also allows you and your team keep up to date with deadlines and provides you with the confidence that your day to day schedule is being maintained and managed well.

The overall impact of using DropTask to improve team effort at home, in the work place or within academic institutions has been seen by thousands of people worldwide.  We receive a tremendous amount of support and feedback from our users who tell us how DropTask has boosted their productivity, and allowed them to work with others like never before.

So, if you find yourself juggling your workload across various different mediums whilst collaboratively working towards one common goal, try inviting a few people to work with on DropTask. You’ll soon notice how straightforward and manageable teamwork can really be.

DropTask – #1 in the Google Apps Marketplace!

We’re pleased to announce that DropTask has flown straight into the No.1 spot as the Top New App in the Google Apps Marketplace!

Top New App

Since its launch in the app marketplace earlier this month, hundreds of organisations have already installed DropTask and are benefiting from a boost in productivity through visual project and team management.

Click here for more information on how you can install DropTask from the Google Apps Marketplace today!