Bring life to your notes and get things done like never before with DropTask and Evernote!

Note taking has long been a part of our history, leveraged to capture historic events and to support us in scientific discoveries.  Taking notes is key to getting ideas and thoughts out of your mind and onto some material that will allow you to both clear your mind, and retain the thoughts and ideas for a later date. Most of us will have experienced that moment in time where you have an amazing idea or thought, but you know all too well that if you do not capture it quickly it will escape you possibly forever.  Have you ever found yourself panic stricken by the pure thought of losing that idea in the moment?

Well I know I have, that’s why I leverage DropTask to capture those ideas and put them someplace I know I will not forget to revisit and expand on when the time presents itself. With DropTask’s visual interface it allows for creative thoughts to develop in a fun and exciting way.  Having the DropTask app on my cell phone, which is almost always with me, is a way to capture my thoughts and ideas and set them aside for rediscovery when I have more time to expand on them.  Visually capturing my ideas and thoughts has never been more energizing and productive.

If I were to ask an audience of note takers what tool they utilized to take notes and capture their ideas, they would surely respond with many different answers.  Some might say they keep a traditional note pad and pencil on their nightstand, whereas others may use the voice recorder on their cell phone, or send a text to themselves so they don’t forget. It is likely some will even use the whiteboard in their office, but many would say they use a tool such as Evernote.

At DropTask we know how important it is to our users to be comfortable and effective in capturing information in your preferred tools. So, today we are announcing an exciting new integration with Evernote. Our integration with Evernote feature is currently being beta tested by some of our DropTask PRO users and will be publicly launched over the coming weeks.

en to dtHaving the ability to capture notes and to track actionable next steps within your preferred note taking tool is essential for getting things done. Whether you’re in a meeting taking notes or you simply have an interesting thought during a note taking session, you want to be able to push your tasks to one central place.  You want a workspace where you can easily monitor and manage next steps, and even delegate tasks to a team member if a little help is required.  Now, with the integration between DropTask and Evernote you can do just that.  Through our seamless integration with Evernote you can see your notes come alive and put them to action by sending them straight to DropTask’s visual and intuitive workspace, where you can manage your tasks and get things done.results

Remember, a great idea is just a great idea unless you share it with others and execute on it.  That’s why sending your notes to DropTask is the perfect solution to bringing your thoughts to life and watching your amazing ideas become reality, for both individuals and teams. What’s more, with a two-way integration, if you’ve started work on a task, but later decide you need to do a little more planning, you can gather your thoughts by viewing your task in Evernote – before sending it back to DropTask to continue making progress.

The integration between DropTask and Evernote, is just one of many new and exciting features our team is delivering to users over the coming months. If you have your own story on note taking or using DropTask to capture those all-important ideas, then share them with me in the comments below.

All the best

Laurie Carey

DropTask CEO

Our brand NEW integration with Outlook now available in public Beta!

headerDropTask for Outlook!

We’re excited to announce that our latest integration feature with Microsoft Outlook, which makes managing your email inbox even easier, is now available in public beta!

We’ve all been there, we receive an email that needs to be actioned, but before we know it a whole stream of new emails come flooding in and we lose sight of those to-dos from earlier emails as they get pushed down our inbox. Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a way for us to manage our emails in an easy and productive way?

Well now there is, with our brand new DropTask for Outlook integration feature, which has already undergone early beta testing by some of our PRO users. DropTask PRO user Lori Junkins, gave us her thoughts on the beta, “This new integration gives me the functionality I need to be able to handle everything at once, saving me time and making it even easier to manage my tasks. I love it!”


Manage your inbox with DropTask

When you have DropTask for Outlook installed you can ensure that no more of your to-dos get lost or forgotten about in your ever-increasing inbox, instead send them straight to DropTask where they will transform into tasks and wait for you to put them to action. Sounds simple, right? But how exactly does it work? Well DropTask does all the hard work for you, so when you transform an email from Outlook, the email subject will automatically become the task title and the body of the email will become the task description, but that’s not all…

Multiple Task Creation50 emails

It’s always the way, everything comes at once; which can make managing your emails a bit of a balancing act. With the ability to select and transform up to 50 emails at once, you really can save time and manage your mail when you integrate your Outlook account with DropTask.

categoriseCategorize your Emails

So you’ve been sent an email that requires action, the next thing to do is decide where it belongs. You can choose to send it to an existing project or if it’s the start of something new, you can even create a new project to send it too – all from within Outlook. Get even more organized with your emails by sending them straight into a new or existing group, all without leaving your mailbox!

Set Task Attributesattributes

Some emails require more attention than others, that’s why it’s important to recognise this so that we can correctly organize our workload and put our time where it is needed most. With DropTask for Outlook you can select the attributes for your email as you create the task. You can set the urgency, importance, effort and due date and then when you send the task to DropTask the visual indicators for these attributes will automatically update on the task.

attachmentsSend File Attachments

If you’re using DropTask PRO, ensure nothing gets left behind in your inbox by sending your email attachments straight to DropTask. Having everything in one place makes way for a more productive workspace, where all you have to do is go to that task and everything related to it will be sat waiting for you.

Ensure that you stay on top of your mailbox and your workload by seamlessly integrating DropTask and Outlook. For more information on how to get started, take a look at our support article which will help guide you through the installation process.

With the DropTask for Outlook feature currently available in public beta, we would like to hear your feedback. Let us know your thoughts below. 

How do you organize your email?

Ever had an email land in your inbox that you didn’t want to forget to act on?  We all have, right?

To get organized some of us create an abundance of folders and place our items in there. But it doesn’t take long until an email you once thought you were categorizing for later falls victim to ‘out of sight, out of mind’ and never gets a second look. Maybe you leverage the categories in Outlook instead, but still find that the massive amounts of incoming emails eventually become unbearable. In frustration, you resort to yet another list and store it in OneNote, Evernote, or even on a whiteboard in your office… Sound familiar? I know I can certainly relate to all of the above.  Not any more though. Now, I use DropTask.Droptask

DropTask is a fun visual task management solution that allows me to not only organize my own personal and professional tasks, but also helps me to engage with teams across both my work and personal commitments that sometimes involve colleagues, friends and family.

Now as DropTask CEO, it’s quite possible that I may be biased, but I truly do love using DropTask because it’s so much fun and incredibly simple to use.  I use the full fidelity of the product on the website at, in addition to the mobile app on my phone which is useful for when I’m travelling or on the move. Think Productivity – the company behind DropTask, is an exciting place to work and the team that designs the features are bringing some exciting new capabilities your way over the coming months. Starting next week, they will present you with the golden opportunity to get your inbox organized once and for all by allowing you to send actionable emails straight from your Outlook inbox into DropTask, to manage it all for you.  Once in DropTask, you’ll have the opportunity to collaborate and assign responsibilities to others to help you get the work done. All you have to do is simply drag and drop their photo on top of the cool task circle that will have formed from your email and ta-da! You’re done.DropTask Task assignment

Just by dragging the photo on top of the task you’ll have automatically sent an email to get some help – with all the details necessary for them to act included in the email.  You can set a deadline for when you need the task completed too, as well as setting various indicators to show how important or time sensitive it is.

But wait, did you just become the perpetrator for overloading somebody else’s inbox!?

Well, everyone has their own way of managing their time – and email is still a big part of that.  Don’t worry though, the recipient can use DropTask as well.  You can both work on projects together right inside a fun and productive workspace that’s sure to grab your team’s attention and inspire them to get more done.

So stop wasting time trying to manage the relentless flood of incoming emails, and have fun getting work done instead.  DropTask is the number one visual task management solution on the web, and to get started for free all you have to do is go to There’s also a great collection of support articles to get you up and running here, and our quick-response support team are always on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Remember, you may not be able to control the volume of email you receive each and every day, but injecting a bit of fun and efficiency into how you manage it can make all the difference. Got your own story to share? Leave it in the comments below and I’ll be sure to get back to you.

All the best,

Laurie Carey
DropTask CEO

Stay on top of your resolutions with 15% off DropTask PRO – for a limited time only!

DropTask PRO 15% off

As we come to the end of January, we know that even with the best of intentions those resolutions you made back on January 1st can easily slip, but with the holidays over and the January blues fading, thinking about your goals and planning for the year ahead is as important as ever. With this in mind, we’d like to offer you a helping hand to ensure you stay on track…

 Upgrade today and get 15% off DropTask PRO for the first 12 months of your subscription!*


With this exciting offer you can ensure that 2015 really is your year. Forget about letting those resolutions slip, with PRO you’ll be left with no choice but to progress towards your goals with efficiency and fun! PRO makes task management so effortless that sticking to your resolutions will be a breeze, and here are just a few ways we’ll help make 2015 your most successful year yet…

Fluid and Flexiblemanagement

When you’ve got big plans, it’s almost inevitable that things will not always go quite the way you imagined. Things often change, so to prevent any delays or setbacks in your projects you must be prepared for any alterations that may be required. With DropTask PRO, you’re able to edit any aspect of your project, at any time. Whether adding new tasks, changing the order in which you’re going to action them or altering deadlines, PRO’s flexibility allows you to see the big picture for just about anything. Plus, with DropTask available on multiple devices, you can edit your plans no matter where you are – you don’t even need to be online!

 Share the Load

task assignmentSometimes a helping hand is required to achieve our goals, that’s why DropTask PRO enables you to get all of the assistance you need. Take the pressure off and share your workload by inviting friends, family, or colleagues to your project. You’ll be able to delegate tasks as you see fit, and request updates when you need them with just the click of a button. Keep all of those important documents in one place by sharing them within DropTask, then discuss them with your team without ever leaving the app. With no restrictions on the amount of files you can upload or members you can invite, you’re free to get as little or as much help as you need.

See Progress

cover imagesWhen taking on a new project, motivation is key in order to get things done. Finding this motivation can be challenging, especially during the post New Year lull. With DropTask PRO, you’ll get the privilege of a complete visual overview of your progress, so you can really see what you’re getting done. Whenever you’re lacking motivation, a quick glance at your project and everything you’ve achieved so far should be enough to get you going again! If not, try using cover images and themes to personalize your project, making it more personal to you and thus motivating you even further.

 Manage the ‘Unmanageable’

dependenciesWhen we set ourselves goals, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. These plans can become much more manageable if we break down projects into smaller pieces. With DropTask PRO, you can use groups, tasks and subtasks to simplify your goals. You’ll be able to clearly see the order in which your tasks should be completed when you use task dependencies, and you can prioritize them by using urgency and importance labels. With a clear path to follow and a series of simple steps to take, starting a new project can feel much less intimidating when you go PRO.

So don’t miss out – get started today and save 15% on your subscription for the first 12 months!*redeem_now_btn

Offer available for a limited time only. 

*This discount applies to payments made during the first 12 months of your subscription only. Payments made after the first 12 months will be charged at the standard retail rate. This offer is available across all monthly and annual plans to new customers. Existing PRO customers may apply this discount when extending or upgrading to an annual plan.

Let it PRO, let it PRO, let it PRO…


Claim your gift today…

Here at DropTask HQ we’re beginning to feel all festive. With Christmas just around the corner, trees are up, decorations are sparkling and presents are wrapped. We know you shouldn’t really open your presents before Christmas, but this year we’ve made an exception and we’re giving you an early Christmas gift which you can unwrap today…

When you upgrade to DropTask PRO and purchase any of our annual plans, you will receive 18 months of PRO for the price of 12 – that’s an incredible 6 months FREE! 

To redeem this offer simply hit the button below, sign up or log into your DropTask account, and purchase any of our annual PRO plans. Once purchased, we will automatically update your account and gift you with 6 months of DropTask PRO for free.


Go PRO with your team in 2015

As Christmas and New Year draw closer, everyone’s in good spirits and the annual wind down for thteamworke holidays has begun.  Things are festive and joyful at this time of year, however, it can be hard work getting your team back on track after the Christmas break in January.

Don’t fear though, you can be sure to kick-start your productivity in the New Year and beyond by introducing your colleagues to DropTask PRO. With a whole host of productivity-boosting features, PRO will be the helping hand you need in 2015…

Unlimited_CollaborationCreate and Connect

With no restrictions on the number of projects you can create or the number of members within a project, PRO will allow you to connect with your colleagues – all in real-time!


Everything in one placeOne_Place

PRO allows you to keep everything related to your tasks in one organized and productive workspace. With the ability to attach files, create subtasks and request updates, managing your workload has never been easier.

Complete Control


With a range of permission levels to choose from, you have the power to decide what your project members can see and do.

Be sure to take advantage and give your team the gift of powered up productivity this Christmas with 18 months of PRO for the price of 12!


 Offer available until 31st December 2014.  

DropTask on Android – Available Now!


DropTask is now available to download on Android!

Google buton

It’s been a busy and exciting few months for us here at  DropTask, as we’ve been hard at work building and perfecting our Android app in order to bring you your projects no matter where you are. While on our mission, some of our PRO users were kind enough to help us out and test the Android app in beta before its official release. This is just some of what they had to say…

Having DropTask on my phone really increased my productivity when I was away from my desk. It also proved to be a great communication method for various functions and projects… The ability to do this while ‘in the field’ and away from my desk was both awesome and powerful. 

Stuart Long – Android Beta Tester

With DropTask on Android, you can take advantage of having your favourite features in your pocket, with the ability to attach files, assign tasks to friends and colleagues and set urgency and importance attributes to allow you to focus your attention where it’s needed most.  With all of this at your fingertips, you can look forward to a wonderfully fluid and flexible user experience that fits perfectly with your lifestyle. Managing your workload from your desk, in a meeting, or on your commute has never been easier…

Touch Screen Compatible

touch screenOur app is effortlessly suited for touch screen devices due to the fluid drag and drop nature of the tool. Using your fingers you can really experience the intuitive design of DropTask by zooming in and out, dragging and dropping, and swiping ’till your heart’s content.

No Connection? No Problem

When using DropTask on Android, you can choose to work on your projects both online or offlinework offline. If you do decide to work offline (or perhaps you’re travelling to your next meeting and don’t have a connection), then DropTask will automatically sync and update your changes once you’re back online. Now you can continue completing your tasks, safe in the knowledge that nothing will be missed and your progress will be updated.

Whatever, Whenever, Wherever

On the goIt’s been reported that the majority of us have 150 individual tasks, meetings, emails, routine items, and action points to take care of at any given time. Well, DropTask’s here to help. Gone are the days where you have to sit down, plug in and load up your PC to get things done. With our new Android app you can manage whatever you want, whenever you want, from wherever you are – giving you the complete flexibility to pick up where you left off.

Stay Connected With Your Team

Sometimes it can be difficult to keep up with what others within your team are doing –Featured_Image_v2 especially if you’re out on business and away from the office. Our Android app can ensure that you remain in the loop and stay connected with your team. With Native Notifications pushed straight to your device, you can monitor progress and feel assured that tasks are still being completed no matter where you are.

Seamlessly Sync

Devices-Android-Apple-DropTask-01DropTask is always at hand to help you power through your projects – no matter what device you’re using.

If you’re out in the field and making progress on your tasks using the Android app, you can pick up where you left off once you’re back in the office using your laptop, as DropTask seamlessly syncs your account across all devices.

Google buton

Visit the Google Play Store and download DropTask for free today.

 Want to know more? Click here for a tour. 

Not using Android? Don’t forget that DropTask is available to download on your iOS devices. Download for both the iPhone and iPad today.

The Perfect Pairing – Part 2: Combine Creativity & Productivity

Dt & imm integrateWelcome to part two of ‘The Perfect Pairing’ where we take a closer look at our integration with iMindMap 7 Ultimate to bring you complete control when managing your ideas and planning your tasks.

In ‘The Perfect Pairing – Part 1’, we showed you how to apply a visual approach to thinking by developing a Mind Map full of ideas and possible solutions to your problems. Now you have these thoughts mapped out, it’s time to put them into action.

With a two-way integration you can easily transform free-flowing ideas from iMindMap 7 Ultimate into tasks that need to be actioned within DropTask PRO.  Easily manage your ideas from conception right through to completion in two seamlessly suited workspaces guaranteed to send productivity sky rocketing.

From iMindMap to DropTask

When exporting from iMindMap 7 Ultimate to DropTask, you have two options. You can either export a whole map which will convert into a project or just send over individual branches that will become actionable tasks.

Send individual ideas to DropTask

iMM send to DTIf you only wish to pursue a few ideas, select them in iMindMap to bring up the Branch Editor. By clicking the DropTask tab you can send the branch straight to DropTask where it will appear as a new task.

Send a whole Map to DropTask

If you’re ready for a real challenge, transform your entire map into a fully-fledged project by exporting it to DropTask. Main branches will be converted into groups and the descendent branches will become tasks.DT

Once your ideas are exported from iMindMap and converted into tasks, you can start getting things done. The visual and flexible design of DropTask makes keeping on top of things simple. Prioritize tasks and share the workload by assigning responsibilities to colleagues, and track progress as your project develops by viewing file attachments, adding comments and requesting updates, plus much more

From DropTask to iMindMap

iMM DTWhen working through tasks you may find that some ideas need further development before you can continue to make progress on them. With DropTask PRO, you can easily export your DropTask project back into iMindMap.

After the export, your project will appear as a Mind Map where groups become key branches and tasks become subsequent child branches. And for continuity, the colors that are applied in DropTask will correspond with the branches in iMindMap.

With these two brilliant visual tools integrating effortlessly with one another, you have double the opportunity to be creative, organized and productive – whether it be at work, college or home.

Seamlessly integrate your DropTask PRO projects with iMindMap 7 Ultimate today.

Coming Soon…


With iMindMap 8 just around the corner, creative stimulation will be taken to another level with an all-new Brainstorming Mode, introducing a quick fire way to input ideas and images using sticky notes and pin boards.  Click here to find out more.

The Perfect Pairing – Part 1: Explore your Mind


It’s the start of a new day and you’re looking for a burst of inspiration to solve those problems that have been playing on your mind. The first challenge to conquer is knowing where to begin. You need something to stimulate your mind so that you can not only generate ideas, but organize them too.

DropTask PRO’s integration with iMindMap 7 Ultimate enables you to apply a visual approach to thinking, mapping out your thoughts as you brainstorm, plan and organize – before using the ‘export to DropTask’ feature where you can put your ideas into action using DropTask.

Together, they provide the perfect visual solution so managing and organizing information has never been easier.

Back to the drawing board

With an incredible tool available at your fingertips, it’s time to start using it to encourage creative thinking and manage your ideas. Below are 5 simple steps to follow when using iMindMap so you can visualize your way to creative conceptions:

central idea1. Start with a central idea

This is the starting point of your Mind Map and represents the topic you are going to explore. It should be central to the page and you should use an image to represent the idea.

2. Add branches to your mapbranches

To get creative juices flowing you need to start adding branches from your central idea; these branches represent key themes. With a free flowing design, branches can be added and extended to accommodate new ideas and associations, meaning you are never restricted in your thoughts.

3. Add keywords

For each branch of your Mind Map include just one keyword. The use of a single keyword encourages you to explore the word and generate more associations. Keywords trigger connections in your brain and allow you to remember a larger quantity of information.

4. Colour code your branches

By using colour codes you can categorise, highlight and analyse information, identifying more connections which would not have previously been discovered.

images5. Include images in your map

Pictures are a very powerful aspect of creating a Mind Map – they say far more than words. Images are processed by the brain instantly and act as a visual stimuli to recall information. Images also act as a universal language to overcome any language barriers.

Now you’ve followed these five simple steps, generated a creative Mind Map and explored all corners of your mind, your ideas will be bursting at the seams.  Those problems you started out with are a thing of the past, there’s no stopping you now – the only way is forward! All you need to do is put those ideas into action so you can complete your goals.

With iMindMap 7 Ultimate you can convert your Mind Maps into projects and tasks by using the ‘export to DropTask’ feature. This way you can manage and organize your ideas from conception right through to completion.

Stay tuned for The Perfect Pairing – Part 2, to find out more about using DropTask PRO’s integration with iMindMap 7 Ultimate.

If you can’t wait for our next blog on DropTask’s integration with iMindMap 7 Ultimate, then click here to find out more!




With iMindMap 8 just around the corner, creative stimulation will be taken to another level with an all-new Brainstorming Mode, introducing a quick fire way to input ideas and images using sticky notes and pin boards.  Click here to find out more.

Are you already using DropTask’s integration feature? Let us know your thoughts below.

Turn up the heat on your creativity & productivity

The nights are drawing in, the temperature’s dropping and everyone’s delving to the bottom of the cupboard to dig out last year’s winter warmers… Sounds gloomy, right?

Wrong! It’s almost time for bonfires to be lit, skies to come alive and Guy Fawkes effigies to be burnt…

Remember, Remember the 5th November!

Known as the ‘Gunpowder Plot’, it was on 5th November 1605 that Guy Fawkes was found in the cellar of the Houses of Parliament in London with 36 barrels of gunpowder. Had the cellar not have been stormed by authorities and Guy Fawkes caught, the plot may have succeeded and the King of England ruling at the time would have been set alight along with Parliament.

Since this day a tradition has been set and each year on November 5th, families and friends across Britain celebrate the King’s survival with a day of thanksgiving for the plot’s failure. Celebrations include burning bonfires and fireworks being set off into the night…

4 Steps to ensure your project isn’t a failure

Although some failures, like the one above, are definitely worth celebrating, most of the time we want to be celebrating our project’s success. Unfortunately, things don’t always go to plan and what may have worked well in the past no longer fits the bill. We need new ideas and solutions to succeed; two of the ways we can achieve this are through continued creativity and productivity in our work.

Below are 4 simple steps to follow if you would like to see your creativity and productivity sparkle:

1. Problem solving for your projects

Bonfire night may only come round once a year, but those problems that need solving and the decisions that need making are far more frequent than that when working on your projects.



To be successful and enhance your business’ potential you need to be able to find creative solutions to your challenges.  Investing time to define your problem is crucial because how you define your problem will influence the direction of your solution finding efforts.

Instead of condensing your problem into one plain statement, you need to define it on a much wider scale. By using the questions Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How to define your problems, you will gain a much broader picture. You will have taken any recurring themes, weaknesses and strengths into consideration and your problems will have been looked at from every angle meaning you get a complete view of them.

2. Idea Generation

first_IdeasOnce you have your problems clearly defined, you need to consider creative ideas as solutions to your problems. Let sparks fly and release the bundle of ideas you may have built up inside by brainstorming.

When brainstorming it’s a good idea to collaborate with your team. By gathering a group of people together you are drawing on a wealth of knowledge, diverse experiences and perspectives of a range of individuals to develop new ideas and solutions to problems.

3. Evaluation


Now you’ve spent time brainstorming with your team, you’re likely to be sat on an array of ideas and possible solutions to your problem. The question is, which one do you choose? The ‘3S Analysis system’ for evaluation allows you to direct your attention positively for constructive analysis of your ideas:

Sort – Your ideas need to be shortlisted to between 3 and 6 ideas. If you have too many you may find yourself rocketing out of control with endless possibilities.

Screen – The shortlisted ideas need to be evaluated. Using a scale of 1-10 rate each idea based on what your heart (emotions) and your head (logic) are saying. Similarly draw up a list of pros and cons for each idea.

Select – After evaluating your shortlisted ideas, you’ll notice that one or two of them shine brighter than the rest. You need to pick the idea that you believe is going to be the ‘best’ creative solution and you need to verify that it will help you achieve your goals.

4. Implementation

Now you’ve defined your problems, generated ideas and evaluated possibilities, it’s time to put your selected idea into action and bring it to life!

To get the most from your idea and implement it successfully you need to come up with a suitable action plan. This plan is a schedule of all the tasks you need to complete to reach your goal. It will act as a framework and will be useful for you to consider what needs to be done, where, when and by whom.

By developing an action plan you will have a guide and set of instructions which will help prevent you getting lost or confused and will help you progress with the work. If you do not follow a plan, then things are likely to take much longer and you may find yourself going back and reworking different sections.


 Using DropTask and iMindMap for your planning will help you to maximize on productivity and make efficient running of your life and work. You’ll be able to get a good grasp on what your priorities are, so you don’t waste time on trivial ‘to-dos’ or get stressed out by the sheer number of tasks ahead. DropTask will let you communicate your plan by sharing it with others and allows you to assign members to particular tasks so they know exactly what they’re doing…Along with a whole range of other productivity-boosting features that can be found here.

Now it’s time to explore your teams’ creativity and bring your ideas to life! By following these 4 simple steps in your work, your day-to-day actions will be in line with your goals and productivity can soar

See your plans come alight by signing up to DropTask today!

Arrange an awesome last-minute Halloween using DropTask

Only a couple of days remain until the spookiest day of the year – Halloween, is upon us. A day when fear is the aim of the game and a fright or two is on the cards for most of us.

Even more terrifying than the holiday itself is the realization that it is only two days away and you’ve yet to make any plans or are still lacking a costume. To avoid the turmoil of sitting in with the lights off to deter trick or treaters from your treat-less house, we’ve got some advice on how to get organized at the last-minute this Halloween.

There’s no party like a collaborative DropTask party.

Halloween Party

With so little time to prepare you may think that all hopes of arranging that Halloween party you promised to your pals last year are dashed. However, with a bit of help from DropTask there’s still oodles of time to arrange a get-together. Create a project (perhaps called something imaginative like ‘Halloween Party’) and create task circles for everything that needs to be done. Categorize them in groups to make life easier, not forgetting the basics like food, music, and entertainment. Next, invite all your friends to the project. Hopefully they’ll accept the invite if they’re free) or perhaps they just prefer you to the host of the previous party they’d agreed to attend). Once you know who’s coming you can begin to delegate tasks, making the late organization a whole lot simpler. Start completing your individual responsibilities and chase that flaky friend by sending them update requests to find out if they’ve purchased those all-important pumpkins yet. Discuss any final details in the comments and voila – you have yourself a party!

We’ve even done the hard work for you and created a Halloween party project for you to use – click here to take a look! Remember, as this project is public, you’ll be able to view but not edit.

99 problems but a costume ain’t one.


We’ve all seen it, the epic fail of a costume that is the bed sheet ghost. The last resort for those poor souls that didn’t get to the shops in time. Banish the bed-sheet by using DropTask to come up with a killer last-minute outfit. Make a project for your costume mission in order to get started. Add a group for websites and fill it with tasks that contain links to costume sites that provide express delivery. Check them all out and complete them when you’re done. Make another group with tasks for contact details of costume shops in your area and get in touch with them to find out what stock they have remaining. No luck with any of these? Dig out that dressing up box from wherever it’s lurking and go through everything. Note down the contents using tasks for each item you find and reflect on your options once you’re done. Go one step further and take a photo for each item, setting it as the cover image for the relevant task. You never know what outfit you may create when you look at everything you have within one simple visual.

More of the treat, less of the trick.

Trick or Treat Route

If you’ve got children, the annual trick or treating outing can be a stressful affair. Knowing where to go and what (or who!) to avoid are crucial elements of making the night a success. Hurrying a crying child home early because Mrs Smith from number 54 slammed the door in his face is no fun for anyone. Create a trick or treat project, mapping out where you want to go in advance by creating tasks for the neighbors you definitely want to call on. Link these using dependencies so you know which order to visit them in. You’ll be able to tick these off as you go on the night using our iPhone app (and Android in the very near future!). Got older kids that you aren’t accompanying? Keep the process the same and share the project with them so they’ll be able to guide themselves. Super-savvy children could complete where they’ve been on route by using their smartphones, meaning you’ll be able to keep track of them in real-time, lessening the natural worrying parents inevitably do.

Turn baking fright into baking delight.


Any holiday comes hand in hand with baking and Halloween is no different. Whether you need to rustle up some treats because all the stores around you have sold out of candy corn, or you promised Halloween cupcakes to the office, DropTask can help. Find your desired recipes then turn them into projects, making each step of the process a task. If you’re unsure of any measurements, convert them to ones you recognize in advance so that you won’t be confused when it comes to the baking itself. If you make sure to list everything you need in the project, you’ll be able to access this on the go and use it as your shopping list, avoiding a last minute dash to the shops for an extra bag of sugar. Once you’ve baked your Halloween delicacies, why not share a public project with those who asked for your recipe so they can recreate your tasty treats themselves?

I now hope the only things scaring you on the day are ghosts and ghouls, and not the prospect of last-minute organization. By using some of these tips you can be well on your way to a frightfully good Halloween (pun completely and utterly intended).

A happy Halloween to you all from the DropTask team!