Your guide to a paperless classroom

Using DropTask in educationThis week is American Education Week – a time to celebrate public education and honor those that are making a difference to the quality of education in the country. While we give recognition to the people in education, the technological resources and tools that educators and students use should also be recognized as they promote better, and more efficient ways of learning by creating a thriving environment in which students can increase their productivity – they also have great potential for flexibility and personalization in teaching and learning.

DropTask is an essential tool which can be implemented by both educators and students in the classroom. Whether you’re working in groups, sharing files with the class or simply looking for information on a mobile device, DropTask supports a more organized way of working and helps to bring a paper filled classroom into the digital world. Below, we’ve got 3 quick tips on how you can get started with using DropTask for education…

Your guide to a paperless classroom

1. Collaborate with colleagues

Invite team members to your projects where you can share training materials, work on joint lesson plans or coordinate cross-classroom activities – all in one online collaborative workspace. Working in real-time, staff members can access and update projects from any device at any time with our range of apps, and can leave comments or suggestions on tasks for colleagues.

2. Create an online distribution center

Wave goodbye to the copy room, because gone are the days when you walk into the classroom with stacks of paper, stapled and ready for distribution. Invite students to your projects and attach documents for them to download – making it easier for you to maintain and distribute lesson resources.DropTask school project

3. Don’t re-invent the wheel

It’s almost certain that if you’re setting up a lesson plan or creating a class project, you’ll need it again sometime in the future. Keeping everything online, you can be sure to save time by instantly turning your projects into re-usable templates which can be used over and over again.

Examples of educational Institutes using DropTaskSign up today and become one of the many educational organizations using DropTask to boost their productivity.

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What day of the week are you most productive?

Days of the weekDo you have lots to do, a big project to complete or perhaps a deadline approaching? If so, you may decide to focus your attention on these tasks at the start of the week before your productivity drops.

As a study by staffing firm Accountemps revealed, Monday and Tuesday are the most productive days of the week for employees. In fact, a whopping 39% of managers believed Tuesday to be the most productive day of the week, closely followed by Monday at 24%.

Fresh and Focused

Returning to work after the weekend, most of us will have refreshed and restored our energy levels meaning we are ready and motivated to focus on the tasks we need to tackle. Max Messmer, chairman of Accountemps says “many workers spend Monday catching up from the previous week and planning the one ahead”. He further went on to explain that “on Tuesdays, employees may begin to have time to focus on individual tasks and become more productive.”

However, as the week progresses productivity dramatically declines with only 14% of employees believing Wednesday to be the most productive day of the week. And probably coming at no surprise to you, the study found Thursday and Friday to be the least productive days with each receiving only 3% of the vote.

That Friday Feeling

As the week draws to a close and the weekend approaches, we start to wind down as we get excited for what’s ahead and many of us will tend to put workloads to rest or on hold until the following week. I’m sure most of us have looked at a task before and thought something along the lines of ‘there’s no point starting it now’ and ‘I’ll leave it until Monday’. However, we shouldn’t simply write these days off…

How to make Friday the most productive day of the week

With fewer meetings, emails received and activities scheduled in your calendar for a Friday, follow our 3 top tips to make the most of this free time and really give your productivity a boost.

1. Limit Distractions

A quiet place to workWe can all get distracted at the best of times, especially on a Friday when energy is low and others around us are winding down or leaving the office early. However, limiting interruptions and distractions will give your productivity a huge boost as each time you get interrupted it can take your brain 10 to 15 minutes to get back on track. Find a quiet place to work, or plug in some headphones to give yourself some space and prevent getting caught in conversation – turning off phones and closing your emails will also help keep you focused on finishing your tasks.

2. Tie Up Loose Ends

Tie up loose endsGenerally speaking, most people won’t start big projects on a Friday afternoon. However, this doesn’t mean you should spend the time clock watching, browsing the web or refreshing Facebook. Instead, Fridays are the perfect opportunity to polish off and complete all of your to-dos for the week, close up conversations and prepare for the week ahead. After all, there’s nothing worse than returning to work on Monday and realizing all the stuff you didn’t do last week is still waiting for you.

3. Implement a Productivity Tool

Productivity tool DropTaskThere are tools available which promote a more efficient and organized way of working to boost productivity. DropTask helps you to manage to-dos and keeps you on track to achieve everything for the week. With a uniquely visual approach, on a Friday you can instantly see what tasks still need to be actioned, and with importance and urgency indicators, it’s easy to see where you should focus your attention first. Instead of having multiple apps and tools open at once -DropTask limits those distractions we mentioned earlier by keeping everything from files to conversations together in one place. What’s more, at the end of the week you can tick off your tasks and look back at everything you’ve accomplished with pride.

Change the way you work and make Friday more productive than ever with DropTask. Sign up for free today at

5 quick tips to keep calm in an instant

Keep Calm & Use DropTask Header

Studies suggest that job related stress is a major cause of concern for adults. These issues can stem from causes ranging from inefficient productivity techniques and gloomy workspaces, right through to stressful lifestyle choices. In acknowledgement of National Stress Awareness Day, we’ve got some top tips to help you stay calm and focused throughout the day. Plus, if you have any other methods that you use to stay stress free we’d love to hear them – so don’t forget to leave a comment below and share your advice with us.

Identify your worries

1. Identify everything that is weighing on your mind.

Setting out your worries can help you identify the true cause of your stress. You could write a list, or even better, you could put all of your concerns and tasks into an app like DropTask. Making a conscious effort to evaluate the priority of each task with importance and urgency labels can help you feel on top of your work rather than overwhelmed. This exercise will also help you get a good idea of where to begin and what you should work on next.

Add plants to your workspace

2. Get some plants.

Not only will plants help to purify the air in your office, they’re actually very soothing and will help to keep you calm. A study performed by Washington State University showed that the addition of plants to a working environment meant that people were more productive and less stressed. The results showed that subjects displayed 12% quicker reactions, a significant drop in blood pressure and reported feeling more attentive when the plants were present. So what are you waiting for? Get your gardening gloves on and combat stress by adding some shrubbery to your workspace!


3. Take a walk to clear your head.

Aside from giving you a great opportunity to reflect on what is worrying you, walking is a great way to help your body to release endorphins as a result of exercise. Endorphins are chemicals released by the brain that trigger positive feelings and can help to give you a better outlook on your worries – leaving you feeling optimistic and able to tackle your challenges.

Time to spare

4. Allow yourself time to spare.

Rushing from one thing to the next can contribute to feeling stressed out at work. Whether you’re going to a meeting or simply on your way to work, if you know it takes you 30 minutes, why not allow yourself 40 minutes to travel instead. Arriving at your destination relaxed and with time to spare will give you time to make yourself a coffee or check your emails before you begin.

Know your deadlines

5. Know your deadlines.

Time pressure can be a major cause of stress. Being aware of your deadlines can help you plan ahead and figure out what you need to do and when. By being familiar with your deadlines, you can ensure you don’t receive any nasty surprises or leave anything until the very last minute. Using DropTask you can take advantage of notifications, reminders and even email summaries to make sure you always know when your deliverables are due.

Transform your workflow into a stress free and productive way of working by signing up to DropTask for free today:


iMindMap 9 Coming Soon…

iMindMap 9 Landing SoonOur integration with iMindMap (the only Mind Mapping software endorsed by the inventor himself, Tony Buzan) is taken to another level with the most advanced version of the software launching soon. In iMindMap 9 you’ll experience the responsiveness of an all-in-one digital workspace, where you can explore all corners of your mind and let your ideas run wild before launching them into action in DropTask. Let’s take a closer look at what you can expect to see in iMindMap 9…

 Visualize your work

iMindMap 9 Visual ViewsWith four visualization views (Fast Capture, Brainstorm, Mind Mapping and Presentation) iMindMap 9 goes hand-in-hand with the visually captivating nature of DropTask – making them the ideal duo for visual thinking and boosting creativity. With the ability to seamlessly synchronise between views you’ll be able to find the perfect outlet for any stage of your creative process.

 Capture your best ideas

iMindMap 9 Fast CaptureSometimes, moments of inspiration and break-through ideas occur when we least expect them. In iMindMap 9, you’ll be able to capture your ideas effortlessly with the all-new Fast Capture View. Using cutting-edge technology, this view provides a tangible space for your ideas to flow instantly and the self-organizing bubbles mean that your distractions will be kept to a minimum.

Organize your creations

iMindMap 9 Brainstorm ViewThe Brainstorm View is back – and this time its design is even more innovative and powerful than ever before.

With a range of new customization and formatting options such as canvas backgrounds, a smart clean-up function, and relationship arrows and icons to visually categorize ideas, you can bring order to your brainstorm while giving it that special personal touch.  There’s also a brand-new Outline Panel (available in Fast Capture, Brainstorm and Mind Map View), which will display your work in list format so you can easily organize and access ideas.

Flexibility when you need it

iMindMap 9 Integrations - Evernote, Dropbox, Google DriveiMindMap 9 lets you share and save work in more places than ever before by introducing new integrations with Evernote, Google Drive and Dropbox. And let’s not forget the two-way integration with DropTask PRO, allowing you to export your DropTask projects into iMindMap if you’re looking to refocus your energy on further brainstorming and Mind Mapping.

Bring your ideas to life

Export from iMindMap 9 to DropTask PROA great idea is just a great idea until you act on it. By integrating iMindMap with DropTask PRO, you can transform free-flowing ideas from iMindMap Ultimate into tasks that can to be actioned in DropTask. With our refreshingly visual and fluid approach towards task management, you can envision the finish line like never before. Use practical and powerful features in time management, collaboration, and prioritization to manage your overall project with ease, and give focus to the areas that need it the most.

To find out more about iMindMap 9 and for exclusive pre-launch offers, click here.

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Taking the stress out of staying organized: How Australian-based PR company, N2N Communications, use DropTask.

Stuart Wragg is an Associate Partner at a Sydney-based communications agency responsible for building and managing the reputations of well-known brands including Facebook, Uber and Airbnb. Helping clients to navigate around an ever-changing digital environment means that spinning plates is a full-time job for Stuart and his team, and earlier this month he took some time to tell us how DropTask has allowed them to spend more time doing, and less time organizing.

Stuart Wragg Associate Partner at N2N CommunicationsBefore discovering DropTask, we had no set method for managing our workloads within the company. We would capture meeting actions in notebooks, write client to-dos on post-it notes, and create action items through email. It soon became clear that some of the team were struggling to keep track of their to-dos and too much time was being spent on trying to manage workloads – instead of doing the creative work they love most. Therefore we required a solution that would enable us to simultaneously manage and prioritize workloads, while promoting a far more efficient way of working.

Team using notebooks before DropTask“When we came across DropTask, we knew we were onto a winner.”

We tried out various collaboration and project management tools, most of which were popular with the team at first, but soon fell by the wayside because they took too much time to master. However, when we came across DropTask, we knew we were onto a winner. The intuitive and visual nature of the tool stood out to us and its simple design made it easy to use, meaning no training was needed to get the team started.

“We love how accessible and easy to use DropTask is via a mobile device.”DropTask used to manage networking event

Whether we’re keeping track of client campaigns or organizing business development activities, DropTask is used to manage it all. In fact, the company recently hosted a networking event for a group of senior communications executives – in which DropTask was instrumental in organizing.  The powerful features allowed team members to work with each other on the project, where they were able to easily record actions, set priorities and monitor progress.  Within the project we set up a range of groups – each of which filled with different jobs associated with the logistics of the event. The ability to cluster all activities into similar types of work made the organizing process quick and effortless – we even used DropTask to keep track of the RSVPs for the event!

“DropTask has become an invaluable and efficient tool that takes the stress out of staying organized for our senior team.”

We love how accessible and easy to use DropTask is via a mobile device.  As consultants, we’re often out of the office meeting with clients, influencers and suppliers and in any one day we might pick-up 50 jobs that need to be recorded and actioned.  DropTask gives us a place to instantly store those jobs and assign responsibilities, which means once we’re back in the office we can spend more time doing, and less time organizing.

As our agency continues to grow and the work we do for clients becomes increasingly complex, so too does the pressure on our time. DropTask has become an invaluable and efficient tool that takes the stress out of staying organized for our senior team.”

 Get your team started today by signing up for free at

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Big changes are coming…

blog header

Here at DropTask, our aim is to develop functionality that’s simple and enjoyable to use but delivers powerful results. To accomplish this, we don’t like to simply make assumptions about what we think you want to see in the product, instead we take great care to listen.

Over the past year our team have been busy evaluating our forum & community pages, engaging in conversations with our users and taking on board all of the feedback and suggestions we’ve received – including those from our own experiences of using DropTask.

As a result, we’re excited to announce that we’ll be making some big changes to the product as well as our brand, later this year.

The road ahead…

From the abundance of positive feedback that DropTask has received, we’ve learnt that you absolutely ‘love’ the colorful and visual design of the app and how it engages you while you work – which we couldn’t agree with more! So as we look towards the future, we see our app being more than just your project-based task manager; we see it as your life organizer – a planner that’s flexible, friendly and fit for purpose for everything you’re looking to achieve.

A clean & clear experience
blog image - schedule

In keeping with our simple and visual approach, we’ll be bringing a fresh and vibrant new look to the app to make things cleaner and more intuitive. Attention will be drawn to the tasks and areas that need it the most, allowing you to clearly assess when and where your time should be spent. Emphasis will turn towards team members instead of projects, and you will gain greater clarification over the accountability and responsibility of individual tasks. The new design will eliminate clutter and prevent distractions from tasks that don’t require focus.

Our Head of Creative Media, Gareth Lloyd – who has been busy redesigning the app, states “Design and user experience never takes a back seat at DropTask. Through recognizing how significant it is to instantly know what’s important and when, the new look will bring focus to a cleaner way of working, for a much clearer way of thinking.”

The feel good factor
blog image - motivation

Our current view of completed tasks isn’t how we’d like it to be so we’re transforming it into something special. The new interface will give you the feel good factor about the tasks you’re achieving and will motivate you while you work. When you’ve worked hard at something, there’s nothing more satisfying than reaching your end goal and getting the task ticked off, and by making sure your achievements are recognized, you can celebrate and look back at everything you’ve accomplished.

A refreshing new look on the go
Blog image - phone

Upon launching, a goal of ours was to give complete flexibility to our users by allowing them to leverage DropTask from their chosen device at any time. In accomplishing this goal, we’ve released native apps for iOS and Android devices, as well as both Mac and Windows Desktop.

As we continue to move forward, our development teams are taking things up a notch and revamping our entire range of apps to bring you a seamless and intuitive experience. Bursting with exciting new visuals and polished functionality, our apps will breathe new life into your projects to deliver an even more engaging and enjoyable experience no matter where you are, or which app you’re using.

So there you have it, a sneak-peek at some of the changes we’ll be making and what you can expect to see in the next few months. Keep an eye out on our Facebook, Twitter & Google+ pages over the coming weeks as we’ll be bringing even more announcements and previews of what will be available in the new release.

If you’re not yet a DropTask member, sign up for free today.

Time Management Tips for a Productive Week (Part 2)

Time Management Tips

On Friday, we looked at how you could get started with the free version of DropTask to get the most out of the working week. So today, we’re going to explore some practical tips for the advanced functionality that you can expect from DropTask PRO. If you missed last week’s post, click here to take a look.

1. Make things manageableBreak down large tasks into manageable sections

Many of us procrastinate when faced with a large responsibilities as it can sometimes be a struggle to work out where to begin. When faced with a challenge such as this, it helps if we break tasks down into smaller, more manageable pieces.

Whitson Gordon, productivity and technology expert from LifeHacker claims : “Once you’ve got it down into quick, simple steps, you might find you just start doing the task right then and there. The hardest part is laying out what you actually have to do to get it done. By thinking about it, you’ve already accomplished half of the task.”

With DropTask PRO, you’re able to create ‘subtasks’ for each of your tasks. When subtasks are added, a segmented ring will appear around the outer edge, and this allows you to visually track the progress of your task as each section will light up when a subtask is ticked off. This feature can be very useful as you can see how far a task is from completion with just a single glance.

2. Maintain accountabilityAssign tasks to establish responsibility

Steve Jobs famously created an efficient working environment at Apple. He introduced a methodology called the Directly Responsible Individual, where he would assign every task to a specific person, so that the team knew who had the lead on everything that was being done within the business. This meant that someone was always accountable and employees knew who to turn to for each and every task.

When solving a complex issue, individual task assignment helps team members to identify that someone is driving the task forward, and it can act as a really great motivator too. With DropTask PRO, simply drag and drop a co-worker’s profile picture onto a task and test out Jobs’ DRI system for yourself.

3. Improve teamwork
Collaborate with your team members

Whether you are working as part of a small team or remotely collaborating with colleagues from around the world, keeping everything together can be a chore. With an abundance of apps for collaboration, file sharing and notes, keeping track of your workload can be time consuming.

With DropTask PRO, you can keep your files, conversations and tasks together in one place. Working with others in real-time enables the whole team to be aware of what is going on at any given time, and this not only saves time by reducing the number of status report meetings, but it also allows team members to identify how they could be collaborating more efficiently. For example, you might see that a colleague is working on something that you have done before, and perhaps you have expertise in that particular area that you could share.

Combining these steps with the tips discussed on Friday will get you well on your way to a more productive and time-efficient way of working. Take the challenge and try implementing these tips this week – let us know how you get on in the comments below.

Get started by signing up to DropTask for free today.

Time Management Tips for a Productive Week (Part 1)

With Friday upon us, the wise look towards the week ahead. Forward planning almost always results in improved organization and performance. Whether this week went as planned or if there were a few hiccups along the way, looking at how we can improve the week ahead is a smart move.

Those who manage their time effectively are able to get more done and successfully take advantage of the hours that they have available to them. Although these people are often said to be “super-organized” or “naturally organized people”, many of them have a trick or two up their sleeves that the rest of us “ordinary folk” could learn from. In this two-part post we will take you through some top tips to guard you against an unproductive way of working – before we set you some small challenges to put your new-found knowledge into practice.

Keep everything in one place

1. Keep everything in one place

Whether you use pen and paper, your laptop or even your cellphone, when you have an ever increasing pile of things to do – put them all in one place. Jana Jasper, a New York-based productivity expert and author of Take Back Your Time, tells how we are plagued by the fear of forgetting our tasks – “We’re always in a rush. We start things and don’t finish them and are constantly nagged by the idea that we’ve forgotten to do something, but we’re not sure what it is.”

So, as soon as you realize a task needs to be completed, record it. That way, the next time you’re haunted by that nagging feeling you can simply look through your array of tasks and locate what you need in an instant – which is much easier than trying to rack your memory! Once you have all your tasks in one place, you’ll also need to develop a system whereby you can easily organize, locate and manage them in an effective way – without wasting time. We’ll address how to do this towards the end of this post.

Group tasks together

2. Group related tasks together

When recording your tasks it can be important to keep related tasks close by to enable us to be more efficient and complete groups of tasks all at once. For example, you may need to speak to an events company about organizing a local charity event but you know that you also need to organize a party in a weeks’ time. Two separate things that are on your radar of things to do, but by grouping them together you could make one phone call and inquire about both the charity event and the party at once.

Prioritize your tasks

3. Prioritize

Not all tasks are simultaneously urgent, important and need to be actioned immediately. By taking a moment to analyse which one of the following groups a task falls into, you’ll be helping yourself decide what to do next and what can be left until later. This is a widely accepted way of filtering out your tasks as devised by D. Eisenhower (former president of the US):

  • Urgent and important (action immediately)
  • Not urgent but important (action later)
  • Urgent but not important (consider dismissing/delegating)
  • Neither urgent nor important (consider dismissing)

By setting both the urgency and importance of a task, it will help you know what you should focus your attention on next and what can be left until later. It’s impossible to do everything at once, but prioritizing your workload can help you see where to start. You may even find that you reduce your workload by eliminating irrelevant tasks or those with low importance.

Now you know how to become one of the “super-organized”, I’d love to point you in the direction of DropTask as the place to go to put these steps into practice. In DropTask, you can use a simple drag and drop approach to create tasks based on your responsibilities, while easily organizing them into colorful groups to keep related items together. What’s more, you can do all this (plus much more) for free by signing up to DropTask here.

Coming Soon… In part 2 of this post we will show you how to take these concepts further by introducing person-specific task assignment, team collaboration, sub-tasks, plus more! In the meantime, why not let us know how you’re getting on when practising these time management tips? We’d love to hear from you, so leave your comments in the section below or if you would like some one-to-one advice email us at


6 Productivity Hacks You Wish You’d Known Earlier

Productivity Hacks

At DropTask, we’re often talking about productivity and getting things done, but sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything.  It’s important to make the most of the time that we do have, and for some that means spending every hour of the day working flat out, cramming as many tasks in that we physically can – but this can actually be counter-productive.

We need to be efficient and productive – working in a way which gets us through the day in the best possible way without exerting any unnecessary effort. To help improve your productivity at work, we’ve scoured the office and asked the team for their top productivity hacks…

1. Bring your team together

Team Coffee Break

For most of us, our working days are spent sat in front of a computer or in meetings, but we don’t believe in ‘all work and no play’, that’s why the DropTask team regularly organizes team lunches and after-work get togethers. Organizing these out of work events away from the office gives team mates the opportunity to get to know one another in a more casual environment, and can help us to feel closer to the people we work with. Team members who feel connected with one another are likely to find work more enjoyable and fulfilling, while establishing a better sense of work-life balance.

2. Sleep well

Sleeping in bed

Late nights and early mornings are a bad combination, especially when you’ve got a busy day on the horizon. From becoming easily distracted and struggling to remain focused, to making mistakes and experiencing headaches; lack of sleep can leave you feeling tired and frustrated – effecting your productivity as well as your health. A study by Harvard Medical School found that adults who regularly get between 7.5 and 9 hours sleep per night can be up to 20% more productive and much healthier too.

3. Exercise regularly

Female jogger

As a recent article by Livestrong highlights, exercise isn’t just for those who are looking to lose weight or stay in shape – the benefits of exercise stretch far beyond improvements to your health. Exercising increases the blood flow to the brain, which sharpens your awareness and improves your alertness and focus at work. Other benefits of exercise include increased energy levels and breakthroughs in creative ideas. At DropTask, we’re all about being creative and coming up with new ideas, that’s why we attend a weekly boot camp class after work to really get our creative juices flowing!

4. Eat healthily


According to the Harvard Business Review, the foods we eat affect our mind as well as our body. Foods high in carbohydrates (such as bread and pasta), release glucose quickly, which leads to a burst of energy followed by a slump. High fat meals (such as burgers and pizzas), provide more sustained energy, but require our digestive system to work harder, reducing oxygen levels in the brain and making us feel groggy and lethargic. On the other hand, healthier foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains and low-fat proteins can improve concentration, alertness, problem-solving and productivity. So, the next time you reach for that unhealthy and convenient lunchtime option, consider the impact it may have on your cognitive performance for the afternoon…

5. Manage your workload

Managing tasks at work with DropTask

Struggling to get started with the things you need to do can really waste time and stall productivity. That’s why we suggest using different tools to capture and manage everything that needs to be done – no matter how big or small. Being able to dump everything in one place not only frees up your mind from the energy it takes to remember these things, but it also allows you to explore ideas, plan and organize next steps, and manage action items to reach your goals. Use iMindMap for thinking and encouraging creativity when developing ideas, then transform them into tasks that need to be actioned within DropTask. Here, you can use practical features in time management, collaboration, and prioritisation to manage your overall goals with ease. You can even transform notes from Evernote into tasks or send in emails from Outlook.

6. And finally… Look at cute animal pictures

Cute dog in blanket

Looking at pictures of cute puppies melts our hearts and watching grumpy cat videos make us giggle – both of which improve our moods, but did you know they can increase our productivity too? A recent study found participants actually performed tasks requiring focused attention more carefully after they had viewed cute images. This can be a result of the positive feelings that are stirred up after viewing the images, or the fact that viewing cute things can make the viewer more attentive leading to the performance of the next task to be improved. On the other hand, taking time out to view these pictures, gives us a short break from our work which can help to keep us more focused throughout the day.

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Beat the back to school strains with DropTask

Back to school projects and activitiesFor many, the words “back to school” can be very daunting, and it’s not usually something you can escape. But if you, or someone you know, is heading back to high school, college, or university – we’re here to help you be the most organized student on campus. From keeping track of deadlines, managing group projects, and even planning student events…You can do it all in DropTask.

3 back to school stresses and how to avoid themTake note of our top tips and check out our example projects below to make this your most productive year yet…

1. Setting your Schedule

The Problem: From lectures and tutorials to extra-curricular and social activities, timetables start to rule your life – and staying on top of everything can become a balancing act!

The Solution: Create a group for each day of the week then drag and drop activities into the corresponding day to easily plan and track your schedule. When an activity has been finished, mark it as complete and set the task to repeat again for next time.

Check out our example project.

2. Working with Others

The Problem: Alarm bells ring when you’re asked to work on a group project – they get out of hand and there’s always confusion over who is responsible for what.

The Solution: Set up a dedicated project and invite all group members. Here, you’ll be able to clearly assign responsibilities, engage in conversation, and even add a reminder for that extra peace of mind to ensure your project is completed on time.

Check out our example project.

3. Planning an Event

The Problem: You’ve been asked to organize the next charity event on campus – but you have no idea what to do or where to begin.

The Solution: With a two-way integration, let your thoughts run wild and explore all corners of your mind by freely expressing your ideas in iMindMap Ultimate’s intuitive workspace. Once you’re ready, export to DropTask and put your ideas into action.

Check out our example project.

Examples of educational Institutes using DropTaskSign up today and become one of the many educational organizations using DropTask to boost their productivity.

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